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The 8 Best Tricks for Elegant Entertaining

Make your feast an affair to remember.
The 8 Best Tricks for Elegant Entertaining

1. Plan ahead and take care of as many details as you can the day before. Organize table settings the night before and plan a menu that allows for advanced preparation. Use tried and tested recipes and remember to always include at least one vegetarian dish in your offering.

2. Rinse out all of your glasses before the party, especially the wine glasses, because nothing ruins a good wine like a closet-kept glass. Dry them off with a paper towel instead of a dishcloth to avoid other odors and tastes getting into the glass.

3. Serve your drinks at the right temperature. Chill your bubbly and white wine. Even red wine should be served between 55 to 60 degrees. Make sure to have an ample ice supply for your cocktails, too.

4. Adjust your playlist to suit your guests and the atmosphere that you wish to create as music sets the tone for any gathering.

5. Personally greet your guests at the door as they come in. Have festive cocktails to kick off the celebration. A glass of Champagne or crisp white or rosé wine is always a good option, or create your own signature cocktail for the occasion. Always remember to have an equally interesting non-alcoholic option, such as some fresh fruit juice dressed with mint, basil, or other fresh herbs.

6. Create multiple food and beverage stations around your home. This ensures that no one needs to wait in line for a nibble or a refill. It also encourages guests to mingle.

7. Remember that good lighting is essential in creating the perfect atmosphere. No white lights, please! Candles placed strategically around the room make any setting look chic. Scented candles also enliven the different spaces in your home. With Jo Malone London candles, for instance, you can layer scents to incorporate a certain mood to your living room or powder room.

8. Lastly, remember to enjoy your own party. A relaxed host is the best kind there is!

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