Manners & Misdemeanors

This Etiquette Flowchart Tells You the Country Where Your Manners Will Feel Right at Home

Your everyday manners may be more common on the other side of the globe.

Every jetsetter knows that manners are quite subjective — what's right in one country can be wildly disagreeable in another. Stylishly late for a dinner party? Expect frowns in Hungary and warm embraces in Argentina.

Although most travelers learn to adapt to these differences in timeliness, greetings and even manners of eating (remember, if you're in Indonesia, right hand only!), everyone tends to maintain their own set of personal manners and values.

To help you determine your secret soul-manners country, Viewfinder, Expedia's travel blog, compiled a handy infographic that covers greetings, personal space and tips, among other things. Not only will it provide you with 5 minutes of entertainment, but it might just save a first impression the next time you travel.

At the end of the day, most of us are actually incredibly polite... according to our own set of standards, of course.

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