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How To Get Invited To Manila’s Most Exclusive Events

Get the VIP treatment you deserve.
How To Get Invited To Manila’s Most Exclusive Events

Getting preferential treatment goes both ways, and it starts with knowing the art of making other people feel important and respected. There’s a fine line between sincerity and flattery, and you must tread it carefully. Succeed, and you shall find that many doors will be opened for you, such as invitation-only events attended by Manila’s cream of the crop. Train yourself in the art of intelligent manners and be a favorite guest when you keep to these social rules:


This shows that you appreciate being invited. The best time to acknowledge your availability for an event is within 24 hours after receiving your invite. Never reply with a maybe: It’s better to say no as this saves the host’s time and the chance for others to be invited in your place.

Never assume.

If you’re not sure about an event’s dress code, schedule, location, or other pertinent details, it’s always best to ask your host to clarify. If the event involves dining, inform the host ahead if you have certain food allergies so adjustments can be made if necessary. And if you’re thinking of bringing your spouse or children along with you, make sure to run it by your host first.

Be punctual.

Filipino Time is not on time. Being punctual shows you are considerate of other people’s schedules, and that you manage yours well.

Don’t be demanding.

Be considerate and follow the lead of your host. Whether it’s an affair at the theater or a social gathering, remember to think of your fellow guests—it’s in bad taste if others can’t enjoy themselves because you’re unwilling to let go of your own personal comforts, even for just a short time.

Know when you should put down your gadgets.

Using your phone constantly indicates that you are uninterested in what’s going on around you. Your focus should be on the event and the conversations at hand, not on the tiny gadget inseparable from hand. Moderate your camera usage as well: There are better ways to preserve precious moments, like being fully present in the moment and committing each second to memory.

Express your gratitude.

Sending thoughts of gratitude has become a fading art, but it never goes unappreciated. Sign off with thoughtfulness, and make it handwritten if possible. Showing how you nurture your connections can help you gain influence, respect, and a positive impression that can propel your name to the top of the guest list.

Read and research.

If you're seeing a play, concert, or a musical, it's good to read about the story or the artists first so you can appreciate the performance better. This advice also applies when attending auctions: It's a must to do your research beforehand on the items you want to bid on, be it an antique vase or a rare colored diamond.

Be in the loop.

Events are always great occasions to mingle with and learn from people who share the same interests as you. They inspire you to live a better, happier, and richer life in every sense, whether it's a curated gathering on art or style, a fabulous dinner, a musical theater premier or a concert—all of which you can have access to by subscribing to Globe Platinum.

Just recently, for instance, Globe Platinum VIPs were invited to a Town&Country cocktail event with Sotheby’s Geneva-based senior jewelry expert Brett O’Connor, which was held at Edades Tower in Rockwell Makati. It was a fabulous evening of getting to know some of the most influential people behind Manila’s leading jewelry brands and the country’s notable jewelers. Thanks to Globe's support of thoughtfully planned, curated events like this, the attendees got an insider peek at the latest trends and forecasts in the global colored diamond industry.

Globe Platinum's floral setup at Rockwell's Edades Tower

Nicole Whisenhunt, Kai Lim, Tessa Prieto Valdes, Janina Dizon, and Erica Concepcion Reyes

Angela Hsu

Natalie Peña, Natasha Thompson, Natalie Caceres

Sotheby's senior jewelry expert Brett O'Connor

Tessa Prieto Valdes and JP Anglo

Globe Platinum Acquisitions & Partnerships Head Marsha Guzman, Globe Platinum Head Kaisie del Carmen, and Globe Platinum Activations Manager Mignon Lim

Tippi Tambunting, Nicole Ortega, Marilu Batchelor, Steffi Chiongbian, and Candice Yulo

What’s more, Globe Platinum VIPs get exclusive discounts and benefits from various establishments, premier travel perks, priority network access, a virtual concierge, and a dedicated relationship manager.

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