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5 Tips on How to Live the Lifestyle of a Posh Londoner

Do it as the British do.
5 Tips on How to Live the Lifestyle of a Posh Londoner

There has always been something subtly posh about the British way of living. From Londoners' timeless aesthetic to their notable manners, they are masters of etiquette and sophistication. Take a cue from some of the lifestyle rules they follow.

Know what posh is.

Contrary to common belief, ‘poshness’ is not synonymous with extravagance or social status. Rather, it is associated with having exquisite taste. Being posh is a way of life that demands the best of what you can afford, and the quiet assurance that you prioritize quality over quantity.

Value substance and style.

One common denominator to admire from classic and modern British icons is their subtle air of elegance. They are known for minimal power dressing and innate classiness. How do you measure class? According to the British, it's how you treat others—regardless of standing—that defines it.

Know the British art of conversation. 

Londoners put a lot of value in the art of creating deeper connections with people. This is why when it comes to conversationsthey are much more reserved and less inclined to do small talk. They are, however, generous with the times they say 'sorry,' 'please,' and 'thank you.'

Proper conversation manners also extend to their online presence. In the U.K., emails tend to be longer rather than very direct as they value establishing a relationship. From this, you can learn that it is only when you've established a bond that you can tone down the formality.

Follow proper dining etiquette.

The Brits don't just eat, they dine. They sit down for a relaxed meal and take it as a good chance to converse or practice table mannersA knife on the right and fork on the left are non-negotiables in British dining.

They keep their manners even when at home.

Etiquette should not be forgotten even when at the comfort of your own home. After all, the display of good manners is not just done for the benefit of people watching. Rather, manners and courtesy are considered ground rules for a more meaningful and refined lifestyle. 

Londoners, above all, believe that etiquette and refinement are what keep society working smoothly. The practice—from table manners and how you treat guests to how you create a pleasing environment for others—begins at home.

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