Manners & Misdemeanors
25 Things That Should Never Have Gone Out of Style
We used to memorize everyone's phone numbers.

Sure, we're happy we don't have to curtsey when we meet someone or wear white gloves to tea, but there are some retro customs and fashions that might be worth reviving.

Handwritten Love Letters

There's a sweetness and innocence to reading old love letters—whether they're from our great-grandparents during World War II or our own younger selves.

Recipe Cards

It's incredibly convenient to search for recipes digitally any time you need them. But it it's much nicer to use a card your mom or friend wrote out for you.


In this age of nothing's-off-limits, would it be so awful to be a teeny bit retiring in dress, behavior, or speech occasionally? We think not. (Though it's heartening that modest wedding dresses are trending.)

Dressing Up

Super-casual is the dress code for almost every event nowadays. But any gathering feels more special when you swap athleisure for a cute outfit.

Potluck Dinners

Because who doesn't love a Jell-O salad or an icebox cake?

Baby Books

Too bad they're something that's hardly done anymore because they really do grow up too fast.

Memorizing Phone Numbers

It's all fine until your smartphone crashes to the ground or gets wet.

Saying 'Sir' and 'Ma'am'

Seems too stiff and formal? Maybe it's because we've all become accustomed to everyday rudeness.


Enough said!

Printed Photos

How fascinating it was to leaf through our grandparents' black and white albums and our parent's faded Polaroids.


From Renaissance nudes to the Golden Age of Hollywood, curves ruled. Let's bring that "trend" back!

Calling Someone

Texting or posting "Happy Birthday" isn't quite the same as hearing you sing off-key but with love.

Mental Math

Maybe we should all try not using the calculator app until after figuring out the tip once in a while.

Knowing Your Neighbors by Name

And having block parties!

Paper Address Books

They never crash and lose all your contacts and birthday reminders.

Teaching Cursive

It seems impractical; how do you scribble notes or sign your name if you don't know cursive? (But good news: It's finally coming back in some school systems!).

Keeping a Diary

It's amazing—and sometimes hilarious—to see what mattered in your life years ago.


Drive-In Movies

Piling into the station wagon for the double feature was a blast!

Saying 'Please' and 'Thank You'

It would be nice not to be surprised when someone actually says the magic words.

Going Visiting

Or having a family dinner together on Sunday afternoons.

Not Using Bad Words

Oh, we know it's satisfying! But what would your Grandma think? Let's bring back these "gentle" swear words instead.

Table Manners

Niceties such as chewing with your mouth shut and not talking with your mouth full shouldn't be lost arts.


Fedoras, floppy brims, cloches, berets, or fascinators: They totally saved you on bad hair days!

Having a Real Live Conversation

While looking at each other, not hunching over our phones.

Holding the Door for Someone

Not letting it slam in the face of the person behind you.

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