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10 Etiquette Faux Pas to Avoid At Weddings

Both wedding parties and guests could be guilty of these etiquette mistakes.

As wedding season approaches, guests and wedding hosts themselves should brush up on wedding etiquette. Here, the most common offenses experts say you might be committing—and, how to avoid them, of course.

1. Unplug from your devices

"If the couple has requested an unplugged ceremony, it would be incredibly tacky to take photos during any part of the ceremony. Not only are they trying to avoid mobile devices in their professional photos, but they'd like their loved ones to stay present during their nuptials." - Kate Whelan

2. Transportation should be taken care of in advance.


"When your wedding is in a location that the majority of guests are unfamiliar with, or far away from their hotel accommodations, it's a faux pas to make people figure out transportation on their own. Especially if taxis or public transportation aren't readily available. Since you are hosting everyone for the day, organizing the transportation ensures that everyone will get to the wedding on time, and won't be stressed when they get there!" - Kristen Gosselin


3. The golden rule: Don't drink too much.

"This shouldn't have to be said, but we'll say it anyway: Drinking too much before the ceremony is a complete faux pas! Your wedding day is such a special occasion, and starting off with too much alcohol in your system could jeopardize all the hard work you (and your family) have put into this. Not to mention, you are about to make the most important commitment of your life, so it's best to be fully present in that moment." - Kristen Gosselin 


4. RSVP on time.

"Make sure to read the RSVP card carefully before filling it out and sending it in, hopefully on time. It's important to carefully select meal choices and fill in names so that the couple can effectively create the seating chart and communicate entree choices to the caterer. It's a terrible faux pas to bring any guests not listed on the inner or outer envelope, so be sure to pay attention to how it's addressed." - Kate Whelan 

5. Don't skip the sunscreen before your big day.


"Leading up to your wedding day, don’t forget sunscreen. Slather yourself from your hairline down to the tops of your feet to avoid having unwanted sunburn lines ruin the effect of your beautiful gown or wincing in pain every time your dear friends and family give you a congratulatory hug come wedding day! Don’t forget to remind your groom and your bridal party too." - Caroline Ott


6. Keep cost-related questions to yourself.

"The most distasteful thing I see guests do is ask for spending information and pricing. You are in this gorgeous room, surrounded by so many beautiful things and details; enjoy them! Don’t concern yourself with what the bride, groom, and their families invested in the wedding. And if you are wondering, certainly don’t ask!"- Andrea Eppolito


7. No bridezillas, groomzillas, or divas allowed.


"Diva behavior on the part of a bride or groom is an individual faux pas that can never be forgiven. Yes, it is 'your day' and everyone in your life wants to respect that. But acting out in a childish or disrespectful manner is never okay, and I guarantee that it will be the one thing guests talk about long after your wedding has passed." - Andrea Eppolito

8. No switching seats

"A pet peeve of ours is when guests move place cards around their table to sit next to the person of their choice after the wedding couple have carefully thought out their seating plan. Worse still, they even sometimes move their place cards from table to table, causing our clients to go crazy!" - Kate Edmonds

9. Don't post the bride on social media before the groom sees her.


"Bridesmaids beware: do not post pictures of the bride on social media before the groom has had a chance to see her in the first look or before she walks down the aisle. Wait until cocktail hour to be safe!" -Nicole Alexandra Gillis

10. If you want a destination wedding, plan ahead!

"You can never give too much notice with destination weddings. If you send out your save-the-dates eight months in advance, this will allow your guests plenty of time to save some money, confirm time off from work, and book travel plans and accommodations." -Caroline Ott

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