Which School Has Won the Most UAAP Basketball Championships?

Guess who has the real right to brag.

Hardly anything gets our blood pumping more than collegiate basketball. After all, school rivalries are the stuff of legend, and there’s nothing like cheering for your alma mater at the top of your lungs. Today's basketball championship game between Ateneo and U.P. had us thinking: Which university has the most UAAP basketball championship titles of all time?

When it comes to men’s basketball, Far Eastern University (FEU) is the overall leader, with 20 championships under its belt. University of Santo Tomas (UST) and University of the East (UE) are a close second, having won the coveted title 18 times.

This makes sense considering that FEU and UST have been part of the UAAP since it was founded in 1938, along with National University (NU) and the University of the Philippines (UP). University of the East (UE) joined the league in 1954, Adamson University in 1970 (AdU), Ateneo de Manila University in 1978, and De La Salle University in 1986.

If we count who has won the most championships since 1986—the year by which all current members had joined the league—Ateneo and La Salle would be tied for first place with nine titles each.

As for women’s basketball, FEU and UST come out on top with 11 championships respectively. But if we only consider tournaments from 1986 onwards, UST would be in first place with eight titles.

Ateneo has dominated the junior league with 18 championships since 1978, and 12 since 1986. FEU and Adamson come in second with eight titles each. 


So which school reigns supreme? After adding up championships from all divisions since 1938, it's UST who holds that distinction with no less than 40 titles. From 1986 onwards, Ateneo comes first with 23 championships. 

*Due to a lack of records, the data on women's and junior league championships have mainly been taken from Wikipedia

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