10 Incredible World Cup Moments We'll Never Forget

The 2018 World Cup left behind a universal sense of synchronicity, with geopolitical problems disappearing into the cheers and tears of those watching.

At a time when it is becoming more and more difficult to find reasons to love the world we live in, the World Cup has given us every reason to try.

More than a sporting event, the tournament brought out the best in humanity through a kind of love that extends past football itself.

Here are 10 World Cup moments the world will remember for a long time.

Thunderous applause

Hailing from the smallest nation to ever qualify for the World Cup, 30,000 Icelandersrepresenting a whopping 10 percent of their total populationgathered at the World Cup to show what it really means to be tiny but mighty.

A reason to smile

Harsh criticism of Brazilian footballer Neymar’s infamous field theatrics quickly turned on its head, becoming what is now the world’s most recent inside joke.

All around the world, people took to the internet to create memes and parodies alikean important lesson in making the best out of every situation.

An exchange of respect

After the most pivotal performance of his young career, 19-year-old French football sensation Kylian Mbappe handled himself with a level of humility and grace far beyond his yearsa role model for young footballers everywhere. In this Twitter exchange between two football legends old and new, both were quick to give credit where credit was due.

A new meaning to sportsmanship

Japanese fans celebrated their 2-1 victory against Colombia by staying behind to clean the stands long after the players had left the pitch.


After a disheartening defeat days later, the Japanese team still did the same, leaving the World Cup behind with a spotless locker room, a gracious ‘thank you,’ and a lasting impression.

A view to remember

In this beautiful gesture, Mexican and Colombian fans lifted this Egyptian man to new heights, helping him fulfill his own World Cup dream.

A shoulder to cry on

After every loss, the brokenhearted found comfort where they least expected it to be.

A constant celebration

After each triumph, everyone came to partyeven on a weekday.

A universal brotherhood

When this video of two friends went viral, we learned exactly why football is so much more than just a game, but rather something bigger than itself entirely.

A triumph for all of humanity

Following the recent announcement that women in Saudi Arabia are now permitted to drive, this year also marked the first time Iranian women were allowed to watch their national football team in a stadium alongside their male counterpartsanother way in which this World Cup will go down in history.

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Allez les bleus!

On the night of their victory, the skyline was laced with streams of red, white, and blue, while the streets below were flooded with thousands upon thousands of French men and women, spilling out of every door and window in town. On this night, France was united as one, but they certainly weren’t the only ones.


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The 2018 World Cup leaves behind it a universal sense of synchronicity, with geopolitical problems disappearing into the cheers and tears of those watching.

For those brief, shining moments, nothing else mattered.

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