What Your Birth Flower Says About Your Personality

February babies, you're the most loyal.

Much like birthstones, birth flowers signify the month someone is born and can predict something about their personality. There's no doubt that the following florals are beautiful—but it's up to you to decide if their symbolism holds true.

January: Carnation

Carnations symbolize love, fascination, and distinction (which explains why they're commonly worn or gifted on Mother's Day!). A colorful standout during the cold month of January, carnations can express different things depending on their shade.

Your personality: You're genuine and down-to-earth. You're loyal and have a love for your friends and family that just cannot be matched.

February: Violet


These purple blooms took on significance during the Victorian Era and were associated with modesty and innocence (obviously, covetable traits in the late 19th century).

Your personality: You're wise beyond your years and can be a very private person, but you're also a bit of a dreamer. It takes a while for you to warm up to people, but when you do, you're extremely loyal.

March: Daffodils

Across cultures, daffodils, also called narcissus and jonquils, tell different stories — but all of them center on luck.

In Wales, it's said that if you spot the first daffodil bloom of the season, you'll have 12 months of luck.

Your personality: You're all about living a life of peace and happiness. You're extremely creative and kind to everyone you meet.

April: Daisy


A quintessential symbol of purity and chastity. Beyond innocence, the daisy is also an indicator of secrecy. Daisy's were once called "day's eyes," since they could close their petals at night, only revealing their bright yellow center, their little secret, when the sun came out to shine again.

Your personality: You are a happy-go-lucky kind of person. Like the flower of your birth month, you tend to brighten everyone's day by just being you.

May: Lily of the Valley

When Lily of the Valley blooms, it's said to be the return of happiness — which makes sense, if you believe that April showers bring May flowers. The tiny bell-shaped petals signify humility and sweetness, but don't be fooled: the flower can be very poisonous.

Your personality: You're actually anything but toxic. You are pretty practical and tend to handle difficult situations well. Oh, and your friends just think you're the sweetest.


June: Rose

Although roses comprehensively symbolize love and passion, they differ in symbolic meaning depending on their color (red = passion, white = chastity, orange = desire, purple = love at first site). Naturally, with such a long history of romance, roses also represent confidentiality.

Your personality: Obviously, you're a true romantic. You get along with people easily and can adjust to new or difficult situations with ease.

July: Delphinium


Derived from the Greek word for dolphin, "delphis," delphinium's conical shape is often likened to the aquatic creature's nose. Associated with openness and positivity, delphinium symbolizes broad horizons, potential and better times.

Your personality: You're the funny one. Your charm and sense of humor make people feel welcomed and appreciated. You also value family over almost anything else.

August: Gladiolus

Named after the Latin word that means sword (the same root gives us gladiator!), gladiolus were worn by Greek warriors in battle to protect them from harm and death—hence their symbolic association with strength and integrity.

Your personality: You're an intellectual who does whatever he/she can to succeed. You tend to find yourself in leadership roles at work since, like your flower, your strength and integrity are unmatched.

September: Aster


Greek lore says that asters, also a word for stars, were created by the goddess, Astraea, who wept when seeing too few stars in the sky—her tears then became the star-shaped flowers, asters. While Victorians associated the flowers with daintiness and patience, purple varieties are most commonly associated with wisdom and royalty.

Your personality: You're a bit of a perfectionist, but this shouldn't come as a surprise. Perhaps your need to have everything perfect is what makes you also a bit emotional. But hey, that's not a negative. In fact, that trait makes you a great communicator.

October: Calendula

Calendula's orange-yellow hues are thought to hold all of autumn's sunshine — as the year wanes, these sunny bursts keep summer's light. Known for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, calendulas were (and still are!) used to prevent and heal infections.

Your personality: People born in October are often warm, friendly and easy-going. You also strive to live a peaceful and harmonious life.


November: Chrysanthemum

The Japanese consider chrysanthemums a symbol of perfection — the orderly unfolding of the flower's petals inspired Confucius so much, that he recommended the blooms as an object of meditation.

Your personality: You're honest, kind and compassionate. You make friends easily and are a bit of a people-pleaser.

December: Holly


Said to represent domestic happiness, Holly also represents defense and protection (its poisonous berries protect the rest of the plant). Along with this vein, legend says that Holly protects from thunder, lightning, witchcraft.

Your personality: You're someone who practices hygge, and can often be found rearranging things in your friend's house to make it cozier. You can also become a bit defensive when someone critiques the way you do something.

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