100 Vintage Baby Names Experts Believe Will Be Popular Again Soon

Get ahead of the game by calling your newborn one of these.

Baby names are something that definitely fall into trends, and one of the most popular trends in recent years is the recycling of old-fashioned names. The likes of Edie, Arthur, and Ada are all prime examples of vintage names that have had a resurgence in recent years, but there are plenty more where they came from that haven't yet been revived.

Baby naming website Nameberry drew up a list of names that all featured within the top 500 most popular back in 1918-100 years ago-but which haven't featured in any of the top 1,000 names in recent decades. These, Nameberry predicts, are likely to becoming increasingly chosen by parents keen to call their children something relatively unique.

You won't spot any Olivias or Jacks in this list, but make room for Agatha and Wiley!


  1. Agatha
  2. Alpha
  3. Althea
  4. Augusta
  5. Avis
  6. Bernadette
  7. Beryl
  8. Bessie
  9. Birdie
  10. Carmella
  11. Cleo
  12. Delia
  13. Dixie
  14. Effie
  15. Etta
  16. Fay
  17. Geneva
  18. Gertie
  19. Ida
  20. Inez
  21. Ione
  22. Iva
  23. Lelia
  24. Loretta
  25. Lorna
  26. Lottie
  27. Louella
  28. Lucinda
  29. Lula
  30. Lulu
  31. Mamie
  32. Maude
  33. Merle
  34. Minerva
  35. Minnie
  36. Muriel
  37. Myrtle
  38. Odessa
  39. Olga
  40. Opal
  41. Pauline
  42. Philomena
  43. Polly
  44. Rosalind
  45. Rosella
  46. Roxie
  47. Sibyl
  48. Theda
  49. Winifred
  50. Yolanda


    1. Abe
    2. Alphonse
    3. Ambrose
    4. Archie
    5. Barney
    6. Benedict
    7. Booker
    8. Burl
    9. Cecil
    10. Chester
    11. Claude
    12. Clement
    13. Cleveland
    14. Cornelius
    15. Dale
    16. Dewey
    17. Dorsey
    18. Doyle
    19. Dudley
    20. Edmund
    21. Ferdinand
    22. Floyd
    23. Forest
    24. Garland
    25. Grover
    26. Hiram
    27. Homer
    28. Isadore
    29. Kermit
    30. Lemuel
    31. Lowell
    32. Lucius
    33. Luther
    34. Ned
    35. Noble
    36. Norris
    37. Ollie
    38. Perry
    39. Pete
    40. Roscoe
    41. Rufus
    42. Sol
    43. Stuart
    44. Thaddeus
    45. Ulysses
    46. Vito
    47. Waldo
    48. Wallace
    49. Ward
    50. Wiley

      I, for one, look forward to a voting in President Myrtle one day!

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