8 TV Series to Binge Watch Over The November Holidays
Time to renew that streaming subscription.

Our November calendar this year is filled with awkwardly placed holidays. For those in the capital, there’s a gaping hole smack in the middle of all of them, blowing the chance of a long vacation break. For those who can't escape the city, there's always the Internet. Here are eight TV shows to get lost in over the holidays.


A remake of the 1981 TV series with the same title, Dynasty is centered around the lives of two competing families and their enormous fortunes. But for those born in this generation, do not worry. The show is fast-paced and filled with designer fashions that'll catch your eye. Besides, what child-COO hasn't thought of all the ways he'd outsmart and outmaneuver any and all interlopers?


Mindhunter starts out a bit slow for something as intriguing as criminal psychology, but stick with it and it will pick up. Set in the late '70s, it follows FBI agents Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany) as they interview incarcerated killers to better understand the workings of the mind of a serial killer.

Madam Secretary

Now on its fourth season, Madam Secretary charts the rise of Elizabeth "Bess" Adams McCord (Téa Leoni), a former CIA agent who became Secretary of State thanks to her ability to think outside the box. The show has all the trappings and excitement of a high-level, high-risk political drama with the familial flavor of 7th Heaven.

The Catch

Probably the most underrated show by Shonda Rhimes, The Catch revolves around private investigator Alice Vaughn (Mireille Enos), her con man fiance, the FBI and the crime ring they find themselves entangled with. On top of all that action, it bears all the hallmarks of a Shondaland series—forbidden love, steamy sex, and a roller coaster of emotions.


If The Crown left a hole in your royal-loving heart, then this might be the show for you. The life of 28-year-old King Louis XIV is portrayed in the excess that is typical of the Baroque period. But fair warning, the period drama is quite graphic. Its premise is Louis XIV's scheme, moving the court to Versailles to manipulate and dominate the nobility. Drama naturally ensues.

Dear White People

While the word "woke" might not be part of the T&C lexicon—and this show just can't get enough of it—it's still important to be aware of the goings-on in society. How can one be of this world if she does not open her eyes to it? Dear White People is an accessible and digestible entry point into the discussion of race and identity politics.


American Horror Story: Cult

To get in the spirit of Halloween, tune in to the seventh season of American Horror Story. The best part is each season can be enjoyed independently, so there's no need to start from the very beginning unless you want to. This season's storyline is set into motion by, yes, the 2016 election of Donald Trump.

Alias Grace

Riding on the coattails of The Handmaid's Tale comes Alias Grace, another Margaret Atwood adaptation. Though it has not yet premiered—it will on November 3rd on Netflix—the series seems promising. The similarly titled novel is loosely based on Grace Marks’s life—a maid who kills her employer in the mid-1800s. Her story is fictionalized and investigated by a mix of psychology and parapsychology.

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