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For years, we've accessed TED talks as a trove of inspirational speeches whenever and wherever we needed them. This time there's the MasterClass website, where for a small fee of $90 (P4,455*), you can hone your craft by virtually learning from the experts. It's gathered masters in respective fields to provide lifetime access to course materials and a number of video lessons exclusive to these classes. Here are a number of courses we found interesting:

Gordon Ramsay teaches cooking

We might pick up a few lessons or two from those occasional demos by Chef Ramsay on MasterChef, but this class promises to be “his most comprehensive class ever.” He not only offers recipes in this 20-session course, but also new techniques to help you elevate your dishes and get you one step closer to becoming a top chef. Selected video lessons focus on mastering ingredients such as beef, pork, and lamb, while other videos walk you through making meals such as lobster ravioli or beef Wellington.


Diane von Furstenberg teaches building a fashion brand

A flawless reputation surrounds the Diane von Furstenberg name. She started her label in her 20s by convincing a textile company in Italy to produce her designs and has since gone on to build one of the world's most iconic fashion brands. This 17-session course with DVF comes with a downloadable workbook and videos you can access at any time. 

Hans Zimmer teaches film scoring

Not everyone can nab an elusive role in the film industry the way Zimmer has, but if you’re interested in the music in movies, head this way. The self-taught Academy Award winner, who has scored over 150 films including The Lion King, The Dark Knight, and Inception, discusses how to create memorable moments in film through music. Learn to create your own sound palettes or synths, latch a signature sound to different characters, and work with musicians.


James Patterson teaches writing

Authoring a book might be on your bucket list and best-selling author James Patterson is here to help. The mystery writer walks you through the process of starting an outline to getting published. He also gives lessons even experienced writers may learn from—from overcoming writer’s block to nailing that gripping first line.

Serena Williams teaches tennis

One of the greatest tennis players of our time wants you to perfect your backhand. Winner of 23 Grand Slam titles, Serena Williams teaches you the secrets to the game of tennis. In ten video classes, students will pick up lessons in advanced net play, training endurance, preparing for game day, and more.

Steve Martin teaches comedy

One's ability to become comedic isn't inherent. It’s a thinking process that covers everything from writing and editing your acts to commanding the stage with great delivery. Comedian Steve Martin imparts what he’s learned from over 50 years in the industry and condenses these lessons into 25 classes on growing as a performer, gathering material, and touching on subjects of profanity and political correctness.


Shonda Rhimes teaches writing for television

Want to be the writer of the next big television hit? Television producer and screenwriter of hits such as Grey's Anatomy and Scandal shows you the ropes on how to stand out in the writers' room. She uses her own shows as case studies and takes you from developing your ideas to presenting them to working in the writers' room and producing your own shows.

More exciting classes make up the summer and fall roster of this year. There’s Jane Goodall speaking about conservation, Frank Gehry offering lessons on design and architecture, and Annie Leibovitz, on photography.

*$1 = P49.51

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