The Chicest Pet Owners in History
They prove that being a cat lady is not always a bad thing.

Marie Antoinette

The queen was a fan of small dogs. She had a pug named Mops and a spaniel named Thisbe who, legend has it, sat outside his owner's door while she was imprisoned.

Phyllis Gordon

The American silent-film actress famously went shopping in London while leading her pet cheetah on a leash. She is also said to have carried a marmoset in her handbag.

Salvador Dali

The artist bought a pet ocelot in the 1960s and it accompanied him everywhere he went, from the St Regis hotel in New York City to Le Meurice in Paris.

Elizabeth Taylor

The actress hated being separated from her dogs and even rented a yacht for them to stay on while shooting a film in England in order to skirt the laws that required them to be quarantined.

Queen Victoria

Victoria kept a multitude of pets throughout her reign, including a parrot and a variety of dogs. Her favorite was a collie named Noble, who even posed for a sculpture by her daughter, Princess Louise.

Big Edie and Little Edie

The reclusive mother and daughter infamously kept litters of cats at Grey Gardens, their home in the Hamptons.

Andy Warhol

Warhol owned a few dachshunds and brought them with him everywhere. He even painted a portrait of a dachshund that was owned by his good friend.


Not only did the French author own cats, but she also wrote a novel about a man who loves his cat more than his wife. Spoiler alert: the man leaves the woman to live with his cat.

Audrey Hepburn

Hepburn loved yorkies. Her first, Mr. Famous, even appeared alongside her in a scene of Funny Face.

CZ Guest

The American socialite kept menageries of animals at her estates in Palm Beach and on Long Island and was photographed with some of her dogs by Slim Aarons.

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