T&C Bi-Monthly Horoscope: February 1 to 15

Special royal readings for the month ahead.

A bi-monthly look at what's to come for your sign courtesy of T&C's master astrologer, Katharine Merlin.

Aquarius: January 21 to February 19

King Felipe of Spain

How you think and what you think about are powerfully highlighted this month, and now is the time to not only come up with new plans but to take them to the world. Your ability to charm and mend bridges is emphasized by the presence of Mars and Venus in Aries and adventure-filled getaways are also in the stellar spotlight. Remember: Because you are feeling confident and Saturn is now in your favor, nothing is capable of holding you back or thwarting your brilliant progress.

February 1 to 15: The quarter waxing moon of the 4th draws attention to personal connections and with Venus entering your communications angle, it's time to be clear, direct, and open-hearted. Once Mercury enters your sign on the 7th, your ability to make important choices will be emphasized and the eclipsed new Moon of the 11th, is all about honoring others feelings and needs.


Pisces: February 20 to March 20

Prince Albert of Monaco

Take the time to catch up with yourself as the Sun highlights the most private and introspective angle of your chart until the 18th. Decisions you make will now set the stage for rewarding developments in the professional arena but be ready to take on more responsibility and rise to new challenges. Mars in your financial angle opposing tyrannical Pluto on the 22nd is a warning that you should simply step away if anyone attempts to coerce or control you.

February 1 to 15: Opportunities that crop up near the 3rd should not be passed up but bear in mind that once Jupiter changes direction on the 6th, others will be slower to make commitments of the financial kind. What you do need to take on board now is the importance of being as hands-on as possible where work related projects are concerned, especially near the lunar eclipse of the 11th.


Aries: March 21 to April 20

King Mswati of Swaziland

You'll be unusually sparkly and hard to resist this month, and February seems to be presenting you with opportunities that open up your world. Get out and about and don't hesitate to speak your mind (which you tend to do anyway) because Uranus's long transit of your sign is all about doing and daring and Jupiter in Libra is now very much in your favor. The only glitch is a nasty aspect involving your ruler on the 22nd—but stick to your program and everything else will follow.

February 1 to 15: With Venus entering your sign on the 3rd, your popularity is on the rise. And Jupiter's change of direction in your relationship angle on the 6th is a signal that it's time to start following through on plans and commitments involving partners and also to give them any chances they need to get a grip over their affairs. Your social life is in the stellar spotlight on the 11th.


Taurus: April 21 to May 21

Princess Charlotte

Private pleasures and public successes are accented by a favorable array of aspects this month. Support you've been hoping for appears to be forthcoming—particularly mid-month—but since you're not one to rest on your laurels, the extra effort you make at this time will not go unnoticed. Venus and Mars in the most hidden angle of your chart urge you to keep your secrets to yourself and keep others guessing and February concludes on a note of surprise endings.

February 1 to 15: Don't close your mind to the unknown or unexplored near the 1st and 2nd and be ready to act on impulse. Once Jupiter changes direction in your work angle on the 6th, it's time to move into follow-through mode at work and be ready to sustain long-term efforts. The lunar eclipse of the 11th focuses attention on close ties and changes going on at home.


Gemini: May 22 to June 21

Queen Jetsun Pema of Bhutan

With the Sun well aspected in your travel angle this month, it really is a wonderful time to get away or to immerse yourself in enriching cultural pursuits. February appears to be a period of great freedom and flexibility for you and testy Saturn's long journey through your relationship angle seems to be in a stage that makes it clear that all your efforts really are paying off. The solar eclipse of the 26th accents your professional angle in a spectacular fashion—so get out and toot your horn.

February 1 to 15: With Venus entering the most social angle of your solar chart on the 3rd, don't miss any chances to get out and form new contacts. Any creative or entrepreneurial projects, though, will need to be honed once Jupiter changes direction on the 6th, so resist the impulse to branch out or take detours. Distant contacts sparkle now, and the 14th is the time to solidify commitments.


Cancer: June 22 to July 22

Maximilian I of Mexico

Those ideas that others casually toss out to you early this month will turn out to be more substantial and doable than you might imagine. Security is deeply important to Cancers, but don't be afraid to branch out in new directions or venture into the unknown. Whatever is going on at home, after the 6th, consistent effort and follow-through seem to be what's called for. And when Uranus aspects Jupiter at month's end, fickle fortune will be on your side.

February 1 to 15: Mars and Venus at the top of your chart by the 3rd make this a dynamic time and your professional star appears to be on the rise. New financial arrangements will be worth exploring with the Sun and Mercury well aspected near the 10th and the eclipse of the 11th hints that change is all for the good. The 14th is the day to put new plans into place.


Leo: July 23 to August 23

King Mohammed of Morocco

February is always a time when partnerships and your ability to include and appreciate others are crucial and you will have opportunities to firm up and deepen those relationships that count. Venus and Mars in the most adventuresome angle of your chart also emphasize travel and reignited passions. Try to wrap up loose ends around recently spun plans by the 6th and then follow through. February winds down on a volatile and perspective shifting note.

February 1 to 15: The 1st and 2nd are days when your openness to new concepts and plans will work in your favor—so be ready to say "yes" rather than cautiously hanging back. With Jupiter changing directions on the 6th, you are on a learning curve that will expand your options, and with the eclipse of the 11th occurring in your birth sign you'll be seeing aspects of your life in a new light.


Virgo: August 24 to September 23

Ivan the Terrible

Your intuition appears to be right on target regarding work-related projects and new resources. You are a pragmatist, but don't hesitate to follow your hunches now and to branch out in new directions. Once your ruler, Mercury , enters the innovative sign of Aquarius on the 7th, it's time to step out of the box and to do and to dare. By the 18th, the Sun in Pisces begins to draw your attention to the importance of being present for those who really matter.

February 1 to 15: Because Jupiter will be changing directions in your financial angle on the 6th, it's time to start practicing more restraint and rethinking various arrangements. Venus and Mars now in Aries indicate that partners are becoming more amenable to your ideas and plans and shared interests can now dovetail quite harmoniously. Carve out some private time near the eclipse of the 11th.


Libra: September 24 to October 23

Richard III

Because Jupiter in your sign turns tail on the 6th, it's time to take stock and focus on projects you've recently started rather than going any further afield. The Sun and Mercury in Aquarius are a stimulant to your innate sociability and to your creative talents. But it's Venus and Mars in fiery, passionate Aries that are the big news and they are bringing close connections into the stellar spotlight. Aspects on the 27th also accent the importance of being true to yourself.

February 1 to 15: Any changes you're contemplating at home appear to be receiving a thumbs up near the 2nd—so don't hold back but go for it! Others will be inclined to be increasingly helpful and affectionate once Venus enters your relationship angle on the 3rd and the Sun in Aquarius accents friendship and affairs of the heart. With the full Moon happening in Leo on the 11th, go ahead and let your passions rule.


Scorpio: October 24 to November 22

Marie Antoinette

Home and hearth are the primary focus this month and developments near the 14th point to chances to stabilize your affairs and/or put down new roots. Work and creativity are brilliantly linked as Venus and Mars light up your chart—so don't hold back and let your imagination soar. February will become particularly festive once the Sun enters Pisces on the 18th and it's time to get out and about and connect as well as to entertain in style.

February 1 to 15: Listen to your hunches near the 2nd and be ready to do some strategizing. A cherished plan may need to be put temporarily on hold after the 6th, but this is not a sign that it won't succeed in the future. With a lunar eclipse happening at the top of your chart on the 11th, some aspects of your professional life seem to be in the throes of change.


Sagittarius: November 23 to December 21

Catherine of Aragon

Communicate, reach out, and above all, follow through this month. Others will be unusually responsive to what you have to offer and this is very much a time when your ideas and visions can blaze a new trail. Jupiter in Libra is expanding your horizons and the friendships and associations you forge can take you far. With Mars and Venus in the most social and romantic part of your chart, it's also time to get out and dance the night away.

February 1 to 15: Your infectious sense of humor and unwavering optimism will be working in your favor near the 2nd but bear in mind that with Jupiter—your ruler—turning retrograde on the 6th, you're entering a period when you must be prepared to fulfill the promises you've recently made. The full moon of the 11th indicates that contacts at a distance require extra attention.


Capricorn: December 22 to January 20

The Duchess of Cambridge

Because Jupiter will be changing directions in your career angle on the 6th, it's time to stop, look around, and consolidate your position. You're cautious by nature and your canny ability to gage the way the wind is blowing is what enables you to be the achiever of the zodiac. With Venus and Mars in fiery Aries, February appears to be a time of heightened emotions and greater happiness now seems to be within your grasp. Getaways sparkle towards month's end.

February 1 to 15: Plans you launch near the 2nd promise to take you far and changes you institute at home after the 3rd should unfold more favorably than you could have imagined. The eclipsed new Moon of the 11th draws attention to financial arrangements that really need more scrutiny, and by the 14th you'll be able to gain access to information that gives you a firmer grip.


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