'Game of Thrones' Season Finale Had Important Details You Need to Know

In true Game of Thrones fashion, the season finale gave fans some closure, a death of a key character, and a shocking reveal.

Spoilers ahead!

The Game of Thrones Season 7 is officially over. As the series' longest episode at nearly 90 minutes, “The Dragon and The Wolf” had enough run time to resolve some of its major story arcs. But as with previous season finales, episode 7 also opened up a lot of questions for fans to ponder on and discuss while awaiting the final season of the show. Here are some of the key moments and questions from the episode:

Cersei's Motive

Daenerys and Cersei finally met for the first time—a cathartic moment for fans definitely. One of the most memorable scenes was the look on Cersei's face when she saw the Dragon Queen's grand, albeit late entrance. Negotiations for a truce almost went smoothly, with Cersei seeing proof of the undead, only to break down when Jon told her that he already bent the knee to the Dragon Queen. But it was a good thing that Tyrion Lannister was there, as he was able to convince his sister to accept the truce and commit all of the kingdom's forces to fight the white walkers in the North–or so we thought.

We later find out that she lied, as her ulterior motive was to keep all her forces in King's Landing, while Euron Greyjoy ferried the Golden Company from Essos. Not really her best decision so far. If the prophecy still holds true, will we see her demise in the final season? 

Jaime's Loyalty

Jaime Lannister has been loyal to his sister since the start of the show. But his growing distrust finally reached its breaking point when he realized she had lied about the truce, and plotted with Euron Greyjoy without his knowledge. It also didn't help that Cersei was willing to kill him when his brother threatened to leave her. Will he still be loyal to Cersei in spite of her betrayal? Or will he do the right thing and defy the queen's orders by still leading the kingdom's forces north?


Who Is The Golden Company

For those who haven't read the books, the Golden Company is an elite group of 20,000-strong mercenaries from the continent of Essos. Think of them as similar to the Unsullied, but more racially diverse and better equipped since they're not just limited to spearmen. Thanks to Highgarden's gold, Cersei was able to renew her credit line with the Iron Bank, thus affording the most expensive army in all the land. We're still wondering what role they'll play in Westeros come season 8. But it could only be one of two things: they can stick to their original plan of protecting the queen and King's Landing (they have a reputation for never breaking their contract), or they can march north and help augment the forces of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen in the fight against the white walkers.

The Starks' Justice

This one has been a long time coming. Petyr Baelish has finally been beaten by the Stark children at his own game, officially exiting the show. Littlefinger maybe one of the show's most cunning, most ruthless manipulators, but he was obviously no match for the talents of the Stark siblings. When Sansa called for a trial that was meant for Arya, the Lady of Winterfell ended up questioning Littlefinger instead, much to his surprise. His plan to turn sister against sister failed. He tried to lie his way out, only to be contested by the all-knowing Bran. And when he begged for his life, Sansa sentenced him to death, with Arya happily delivering the queen's order. With the troublemaker gone, what's next for the Stark siblings now that justice has been served?

Jon's Real Name

Jon Snow's parentage was subject of one of the most enduring fan theories in Game of Thrones. When it was finally revealed in Season 6 that he was Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark's son, it was followed by yet another reveal that his parents were actually married, thus making him a legitimate child. In the final episode, we finally learned that his true name is Aegon Targaryen.


For book readers, this might be a bit confusing as Rhaegar already had a child with Elia Martell named Aegon. Unless the baby's name was decided before he was born, we can only assume that it was Lyanna who decided to give him that name since Jon (or Aegon) was born during war time while his father was away. We're left to wonder how Jon will react when Bran finally tells him everything, and how his full identity will affect everyone around him. Especially Daenerys with whom Jon has already consummated his affection.

What's Tyrion's Deal?

Fans were confused when Tyrion was shown outside Daenerys' cabin after Jon walked in. What was he doing there? Of course fans were quick to theorize (and with evidence, of course) that Tyrion is secretly in love with Daenerys. If you think about it, it kind of makes sense: He was the one who advised Daenerys to have Daario Naharis stay in Essos, and was also responsible for sending Jorah Mormont away from Mereen. And if Tyrion continues this trend of sending away Dany's potential lovers, he can also do the same to Jon by revealing his true identity to the dragon queen. Another convincing fan theory includes a potential betrayal of Daenerys by brokering a secret deal with Cersei. After all, we didn't see the entire private conversation he had with his sister, and he confessed that he didn't want to destroy the Lannister family after all that has happened. If any of these theories have any chance of happening, we can expect a shocking 180 shift for one of the show's most well-loved characters.

Ice Dragon

If there's one fan theory that this episode kills, it's the “Tyrion Targaryen” theory. Well, at least for now. The third dragon rider (assuming Jon is the second) has been finally revealed as the Night King himself. Riding an undead Vyserion, the Night King destroyed a huge chunk of the the Wall at Eastwatch, effectively rendering it useless, and making it passable to his undead forces on the ground.



The white walkers have finally breached the only thing that separates the living and the dead. When the camera zoomed out at the end of the scene, we saw how much of a threat the white walkers really are. We're wondering what plan Jon and Dany have in mind? How will the people of Westeros band together against a common enemy, even with politicking in the mix? Whatever their plan is, it better be good, as the unpredictable, dragon-riding Night King is truly a force to be reckoned with.

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