The World's Most Powerful Pets

The beloved animals living the life and earning more than you do.
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Adopted into the sweet life by owners of influence, these animals of privilege lead enviable lives.

Queen Elizabeth II’s love affair with corgis has spanned a lifetime. She has kept them as pets even before she married Prince Phillip. Willow is the last surviving Pembroke Welsh corgi of the Queen, after Willow’s sister, Holly, passed away earlier this year. The Queen refuses to accept any new four-legged companions. Both Willow and Holly have made appearances before a worldwide audience. In 2012, they starred opposite Daniel Craig during a James Bond skit that opened the Olympics in London. Earlier this year, Buckingham Palace released photographs to commemorate the Queen’s 90th birthday and the set included the furry family members posing with their royal master while taking a walk around Windsor Castle.



Choupette Lagerfeld
Some pets are known for their owners, but Choupette is a name that transcends Karl Lagerfeld. This pampered four-year-old kitty has maids that wait on her every need and even gets her own hotel room separate from her master’s. Karl is mad for Choupette and she seems to know it. According to Karl, Choupette doesn’t meow or purr since “everything is done with her eyes” and “she knows exactly what she wants.” She’s not just your usual spoiled bourgeois pet, she’s also a business-savvy feline who made $4 million last year from her cosmetics collaboration with Shu Uemura and modeling for Vauxhall Corsa. The documentation of her life is supplemented by her own book, Choupette: The Private Life of a High-Flying Fashion Cat.

Bo and Sunny
We wonder how Sasha and Malia ever get to play with First Dogs Bo and Sunny, since the doggy duo have their own jampacked schedule to follow each day and, like the POTUS, receive memos at the beginning of the month with their schedules for approved appearances. The Portuguese water dogs have lived a life most of us will never know, as they’ve already met Pope Francis and have flown on Air Force One.



Neville Jacobs
Being the furry companion to designer Marc Jacobs, Neville meets all expectations as a fashion mogul’s pet. This model bull terrier counts top models as best friends, wears designer garments tailored to his canine body, and has been on the cover of a magazine. The Instagram-famous pooch has his own book aptly titled Neville Jacobs: I’m Marc’s Dog.


There’s just something about the Portuguese water dogs that attract people of power. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau adds a new member to his family this year, an adorable pup named Kenzie.

Pumpkin and Blanket
Grace Coddington, former creative director of Vogue, is known for her love of cats and has in fact dedicated most of her Instagram posts to cat doodles. She has two: 10-year-old Pumpkin and one-year-old Blanket. Such is the great influence Pumpkin and his owner have on fashion that Balenciaga named a collection after the longhaired Persian.

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These pets and their owners have built a brand around their names and have fortified their successes with carefully curated social media feeds of adorable purrs and doggy mischief.

Grumpy Cat
Grumpy Cat, whose real name is Tarder Sauce, needs no introduction. She’s been making her owners a fortune since 2012 and, more recently, brought about crowds to line up the length of Oxford Street for a meet-and-greet. The perpetually frowning feline is reportedly worth $100 million, thanks to the Grumpy Cat merchandise and countless advertisements that feature this cat diagnosed with dwarfism.


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“The Cutest Dog in the World” is a frisky Pomeranian named Boo, whose Facebook page boasts over 17 million likes. He frequently appears on calendars, inspires line after line of toys, and is the subject of several books. He now shares the spotlight with fellow Pomeranian Buddy and reportedly earns a million dollars annually.

Doug the Pug
Doug’s owner quit her job to play the role of manager for the growing brand called Doug The Pug. This three-year-old pug gets paid to make appearances, has his face on numerous t-shirt designs, and has a network of over 5 million fans.

Beast Zuckerberg
Beast is a social media star who likes cuddling with owners Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan. He’s amassed over two million followers on his Facebook account, with a feed consisting of sheep-herding activities.

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