What the Stars Have In Store For You For the Second Half of October

A bi-monthly look at what's to come for your sign courtesy of T&C's master astrologer, Katharine Merlin.

Libra: September 24-October 23

Alfred Nobel

Mapping out strategies—especially on the financial front—is one of your themes this month and so is initiating new plans, notably near the 9th. You're springing clear of situations that have been holding you captive for the last several months and you're determined to follow a sure and steady path. With Venus—your ruling planet—going out of sync from October 10th until November 16th, though, be prepared to wait out some personal uncertainties.


October 16-31: Mercury in Scorpio highlights financial matters, and also urges you to consider what you really value and act accordingly—especially near the 19th and 22nd. The full Moon in Taurus on the 24th could take you on a journey of discovery, if you're willing to look deeply within yourself for answers. On the 29th, well-timed moves will boost your fortunes. 

Scorpio: October 24-November 22


Indira Gandhi

You should give yourself the time and space to do some stepping back to think through perplexing situations until the Sun enters your sign on the 23rd. With Venus out of phase in Scorpio, personal matters appear clouded and unclear. Fortunately, Mars' forward motion in Aquarius promises unfettered progress around home related affairs and Saturn in direct motion in your communication angle enhances your reasoning and ability to face facts.

October 16-31: Look for answers to thorny questions and by the 22nd, you will find out what you need to know. The Sun's entrance into Scorpio on the 23rd enhances your magnetism, and the full Moon on the 24th accents the importance of being receptive to others' feelings and desires. The last three days of October will shift your perspective.

Sagittarius: November 23-December 21

Bruce Lee

Don't let anyone's negativity hold you back early this month. The new plans that are in your sights will be taking you where you need to go, especially near the 9th. After the 10th, an increasing focus on private matters and altruistic endeavors will enable you to make all the right moves. You are on the brink of a particularly promising new chapter. Decisions and agreements reached at month's end will prove highly beneficial.

October 16-31: Curious and intriguing facts will come to light between the 19th and 22nd, so dare to ask those tricky questions. It's time to break free of certain constraints and think independently, especially around work-related matters near the 24th. Your guardian angel will be guiding you on the 29th, so tune in and follow your intuition.

Capricorn: December 22-January 20

Muhammad Ali

Life seems to be giving you a "Yes/No" message this month. Get out and launch new plans but be ready to bide your time when important associates seem to be out of sync or dragging their heels. Fortunately, financial constraints appear to be giving way. With numerous planets lighting up the most extraverted angle of your chart, be ready to get out and about and widen your social and professional horizons—especially near the 29th.

October 16-31: The 21st is the right moment to move forward with plans that involve cooperative efforts; and with the Sun entering Scorpio on the 23rd, it's time to explore new options. The full Moon of the 24th lights up the most creative and playful part of your chart, so you, in turn, should be ready to lighten up to enjoy life more fully.

Aquarius: January 21-February 19

Virginia Woolf

With Mars moving forward in your birth sign this month, you will be able to clear hurdles that have been holding you back. And with Jupiter also moving forward in your career angle, past accomplishments and efforts will be taking you towards new success. Until mid-November, though, certain crucial questions will remain unanswered, so be prepared to wait and see. You're entering a new chapter, and your world is about to open up in surprising ways.

October 16-31: The last two weeks of October are especially significant for you publicly and professionally. Whether you're somehow shifting gears or changing jobs, it's out with the old and in with the new. The full Moon of the 24th occurs in the part of your solar chart pertaining to home and family, so you will also have a wonderful opportunity to strengthen the ties that bind.

Pisces: February 20-March 20

Nina Simone

You're in a stage-setting period, and you'll benefit by putting out feelers and initiating discussions with associates who appreciate your worth. You also should engage in some careful strategizing and make a firm decision about which plans you really want to pursue. Be ready to reset your compass, especially near the 24th, and give others the time they need to make firm commitments. Travel near and far is quite brilliantly highlighted.

October 16-31:
 You'll be getting a new overview, and feeling freer to do what you wish and go where you want to go near the 24th. Pursuits that offer new skills and knowledge are in the cosmic mix towards the 26th. Romance does seem to be connected to distant places as October winds down, and whatever occurs near the 31st is all about letting go of the past.

Aries: March 21-April 20

Maya Angelou

October appears to be an encouraging time for you both personally and professionally. Mars, your ruling planet, has emerged from the tailspin it's been in since late June and you should finally see recent efforts begin to pay off. Close relationships are also in the planetary spotlight and a kind of emotional renaissance seems to be in play. It's all about tuning in and making plans that draw you closer to others.

October 16-31: If you're willing to take a little pressure or hash out a heated misunderstanding, you'll achieve more than you hoped by the 22nd. The full Moon of the 24th is all about taking calculated risks that you instinctively sense are sound; whatever occurs between the 26th and 28th should more than reward any efforts you've made.

Taurus: April 21-May 21

Audrey Hepburn

Lots of discussions and possibilities abound this month. You will be opening up new territory or going after a goal that is vitally important to you, and with Mars at the top of your chart, your determination promises results. A lot of action in your opposite sign of Scorpio also draws you into intense interactions, and even though you may not know where relationships are headed before mid-November, you have every reason to hope for the best. 

October 16-31: The Sun's entrance into Scorpio on the 23rd marks a period that is vitally important for close relationships. It's time to expose what you usually keep under wraps. Professionally, the same rule applies—so dare to show your true colors, because the planets are in your favor. Your generosity will now open doors.

Gemini: May 22-June 20

Josephine Baker

Mercury in Scorpio urges you to dig beneath the surface for answers this month. Your clever mind seems to be leading you in some intriguing new directions and hitting upon solutions that set you on a more secure path. With the Sun in the most playful angle of your chart, it's time to throw a party or get out and about, especially near the 8th. Whatever occurs near the 23rd urges you to explore new environments and venues. 

October 16-31: Mars in conflict with Mercury on the 19th stirs up controversies around travel or work, but by the 22nd you'll know exactly what to do. The full Moon this month falls in the most hidden and private part of your solar chart, which is all about escapes and alone time. Brilliant aspects on the 29th are a harbinger of good news. 

Cancer: June 21-July 22

Princess Diana

At this time of year, the Sun in Libra always clues you into matters involving home and hearth. You can be confident that any changes you set into motion near the 8th will prove beneficial. Though you may not be seeing eye-to-eye with others near the 12th, you'll do yourself a favor if you wait it out instead of getting huffy and indignant. Life will become more playful and social after the 22nd, and it's also time to throw yourself into creative endeavors.

October 16-31: 
Decisions reached near the 22nd set you and partners on a better course. And with the Sun in Scorpio after the 23rd, you'll be intuitively making choices that serve your best interests. The full Moon of the 24th accents a widening of your horizons, and is all about becoming engaged in activities that connect you to like-minded people and causes.

Leo: July 23-August 23

James Baldwin

Movement, action, and communication are powerfully accented this month, so get out and about to promote your brilliant ideas. Mars' forward motion in Aquarius indicates that partners are emerging from complex situations and are now ready to meet you halfway. The Sun's entrance into Scorpio on the 23rd is all about home and personal connections, and there seems to be a way in which your best hopes will be coming to fruition.

October 16-31: Be ready to make some compromises near the 19th, because by the 22nd, you'll be reaching favorable agreements. And be assured that if you dare to think out of the box and take a risk near the 24th, you'll liberate yourself from a holding pattern that's been keeping you back. Everyone seems to be seeing you in a brilliant light as October winds down.

Virgo: August 24-September 23

Freddie Mercury

Even if you run into some obstacles as October unfolds, don't doubt your own judgment. By mid-month you'll see that you really are on the right track. A personal matter does seem to be hanging in the air, though, and you're best off letting others figure out what they think and not pressing for answers. Getaways hold magic as October draws to a close—and so do new arrangements and agreements.

October 16-31: Whatever you figure out between the 18th and 23rd seems to be urging you to do and to dare. Aspects occurring near the full Moon of the 24th involve electric and eccentric Uranus, and they are game changers. And with the Sun conjoining Venus on the 26th, it's time to express your feelings and speak from the heart. 

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