This New Version of Monopoly Wants You to Cheat

Cue every friend that offered to be the bank.

Monopoly: The board game that, since 1935, has combined an interest in real estate and the hospitality industry with rainbow-colored money to instill an instinct for ruthless capitalism in nine-year olds.

Along with its weird silver game pieces and iconic addresses, Monopoly has its own idiosyncratic justice system: Go to jail, go to directly to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

But that's about to change with their latest version, "Monopoly: Cheater's Edition".

To better illustrate what exactly they mean by "cheater's edition," Hasbro has helpfully printed "How much can you get away with?" on the box in bold letters, a truly wholesome message for ages 8+. Cheats include stealing money from the bank, giving away less money than you owe, and collecting money from somebody else's rent. Best of all, for every cheat you successfully maneuver without being caught, you get rewarded.

The game includes 15 cheat cards which will "encourage players to carry out tasks throughout the game," some of which could land a player in handcuffs (included). Really the point of the new game is to not get caught, which arguably, is how many of us have been playing all along (cc: Wall Street).

It's possible this new version will take your average play time from three hours to 30 minutes, but it will depend on how well you can lie to and steal from your friends and family.

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