Look! The Assumption Handwriting is Now a Font You Can Download
Now you can ace that penmanship!

Students of Assumption have a recognizable penmanship that has become one of the true marks of an Old Girl—the term used to refer to an alumna. In the school's elementary, a class is devoted to perfecting the Assumption handwriting once a week. This cursive penmanship is so unique, one could tell a graduate apart from the rest just by looking at the way she writes.

Although, an Assumptionista will tell you this handwriting entails a lot of practice for one to be able ace it. Good news is, this distinctive penmanship has been digitized as a typeface called Mix Old Girl and can now be downloaded.

Assumption alumna, Mikko Sumulong, created this font after getting numerous requests from fellow Assumptionistas. Mikko is the creative behind MixFonts.xyz, a collection of handwritten, hand-drawn, hand-lettered fonts that are perfect for rustic, raw, handmade, and DIY-themed projects.

"I've always had a fascination with letters and words. Back in high school, I loved doodling the alphabet. I would hand-letter typefaces that only lived in the pages of my Filofax. I had no idea that they'd come to life decades later," Mikko shares.

"Creating fonts takes quite a bit of work. It's not as simple as writing all the letters out, then pressing a button to magically convert it into a font. Each letter has to be tailored and refined. Each character needs to be able to stand on its own, and along with any other character it might be used with. Sometimes, it feels like building a perfect wardrobe—each piece having to go perfectly with the rest of the pieces," she adds.

You can download Mix Old Girl on your desktop and smartphone here for a minimum fee. For mobile, you may import the typeface to apps like Phonto, Vont, and TextMask so you can add text to your photos and videos using the font.


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