14 Halloween Costumes Inspired By Iconic Movies

From Astrid Leong to Freddie Mercury, here are some fun film-related ideas for your Halloween costume.

Movie buffs already know that Halloween is the only time of the year they get to dress as their favorite film characters. Much to their delight, the holiday is approaching once again. Here are a few costume pegs from movies both old and new.

Astrid Leong
Crazy Rich Asians

Astrid Leong is easily one of the most stylish movie characters we’ve encountered this year. You could immediately unearth something elegant from your wardrobe, and then pair it jewelry similar to those heart-stopping pair of earrings that she coolly bought for a million dollars in the first half of Crazy Rich Asians. The only downside? You already have some competition.

What You’ll Need: Cowl neck dress, oversized sunglasses, and a pair of earrings

Freddie Mercury
Bohemian Rhapsody 

We have yet to see the biopic of Freddie Mercury’s life but it’s already easy to envision what Rami Malek will wear when he portrays Queen’s handsome frontman. His iconic white tank top ensemble will be quick to put together—the only real time constraint would be whether you have enough days to grow out a mustache before Halloween.


What You’ll Need: A chevron mustache, white tank top, black leather belt

Ally and Jackson Maine
A Star is Born (2018)

As toxic and heartbreaking as their love is, A Star Is Born’s Ally and Jackson Maine make an undeniably eye-catching couple. Jackson’s cowboy hat and Ally’s  fiery red hair are markers that, when together, will strike a chord with anyone who’s seen the critically acclaimed film.


What You’ll Need: Cowboy hat, button-down shirt, jeans, and optional drink in hand (Jackson); red hair, sequin tube top, ruffled skirt (Ally)

Andie Walsh
Pretty in Pink

Pay homage to the ‘80s by dressing up in Andie’s silk pink prom dress. Score extra points if you sport big red hair like Molly Ringwald did.

What You’ll Need: Pink polka dot dress 

Scarlet O’Hara
Gone With The Wind

One of the most iconic characters in cinematic history, Vivien Leigh’s Scarlet O’Hara also dons some of the most memorable costumes. For those of you who aren’t afraid to go big on Halloween, Scarlet’s green curtain dress is a sure win for best costume—or at least, the most whimsical.

What You’ll Need: Green curtain gown

The Kid
Purple Rain

The 31st of October is also the best time to pay tribute to our heroes who have passed, and for some, this means musical heroes. Channel Prince as troubled singer “The Kid” in this ‘80s classic. A heads up, you’ll have to dedicate time for a little hairstyling to really nail the look.


What You’ll Need: Long purple coat, ruffled dress shirt, tight black pants 

Any of the Heathers

If you have ever dreamed of being part of the Heathers when you were younger, now’s your chance to pretend to be a member of the preppy lot. It’s time to dust off your checkered blazer and shoulder pads and dig around for some knee-high socks.

What You’ll Need: Blazer, short pleated skirt, croquet mallet 

Carrie White

If you’re daring enough to go the spooky route on this holiday, then consider emulating Carrie White. It’s one of the easier costumes on this list in terms of the effort you’re going to put into it but you have to be willing to get messy.

What You’ll Need: Sleeveless silk maxi dress and a tub of fake blood 

Austin Powers
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Who could ever forget Mike Myers as Austin Powers? Take a page from this British spy's psychedelic style book and you're a shoo-in for grooviest costume.


What You’ll Need: Velvet suit, glasses, and ascot 

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Let’s be honest: Cher’s appearance in the Mamma Mia! sequel released this year was one of the highlights of the entire film. If you have the habit of stealing the spotlight, then suit up in white and give your wig person a call. Unfortunately, Cher’s vocals don’t magically come with the ensemble.


What You’ll Need: White suit, platinum blonde wig, oversized sunglasses 

Zero and Agatha
The Grand Budapest Hotel         

Here’s another one for the couples. Instead of dressing as Margot Tenenbaum and Eli Cash from The Royal Tenenbaums, take the unexpected route and go as this underrated but adorable Wes Anderson pairing instead. Want to look even more authentic? Cart around pink pastry boxes with blue ribbons a la Mendl’s.

What You’ll Need: Hotel lobby boy attire (Zero); vintage baker’s uniform, apron, and a faux birthmark 

Joanna Stayton

Apart from Astrid Leong, another immaculate heiress on our list is Joanna Stayton, who isn’t afraid to dress over-the-top. Her most covetable outfit? The red swimsuit, bedazzled sunglasses, and red-and-white beach towel she wears while lounging on her yacht.

What You’ll Need: Red hair accessory, gold earrings, red swimsuit, striped beach towel, sunglasses 


Han Solo
The Star Wars Saga

Depending on what you feel about the standalone Solo movie released this summer, you can take one of two variations for this one. You can either sport the classic white shirt and black vest pairing if you’re a die hard fan of Harrison Ford’s Solo or go with the brown jacket and dark shirt combination that the young Solo wears.

What You’ll Need: Boots, white shirt, black vest; Boots, belt, dark shirt, brown jacket 

Eliza Doolittle
My Fair Lady

What Halloween costume list would be complete without an Audrey Hepburn entry? We’re not talking about the overdone Holly Golightly black dress and pearls combination. This year, try to channel Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady. Remember, it’s all about the frills, so if you don’t have enough time to visit your seamstress, you can always get by adding some ribbons, ruffles, and feathers to a white lace dress.


What You’ll Need: White dress, parasol, oversized hat

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