Fifty Shades Darker and More: Secret Pleasures of the Truly Rich

Ah, the Truly Rich-we're just like you.

1. Watching Fifty Shades Darker on the big screen

Do wipe that look of shock off your face. We’re clearly all above 18 here.

After quickly devouring each steamy scene from all three books—while occasionally consulting a dictionary for the definition of "flogger" and firing up the iPad for images of "pleasure balls"—it’s only natural that we would want to see the uncut version on the big screen.  How else will we get a closer look at Christian Grey’s large flat? (Which is immaculately designed, by the way. Who is his interior designer?) And his Red Room. And his toys. And everything he does with his toys. Ahem.

There’s also been talk of a divine silver Monique Lhuillier gown that molds itself onto the wearer's body in that masquerade scene. It's the one Ana Steele wears when she squares off with overly Botoxed Mrs. Robinson. And if there's anything a woman secretly wishes to see to see in real life, it's a well-dressed catfight over an emotionally damaged but ruggedly handsome billionaire.


2. Going overboard when shopping for little gifts

This is a very Filipino thing to do and we are no exception. We must bring something home for everyone in the family when we travel, including Fido and our trusty chauffeur.

3. Binge-watching teleseryes every night

Call it part of a nightly ritual done just after praying the rosary with the yayas, because we simply cannot go to bed after that offhanded Abangan… clip at the end of the teleserye we watch religiously. And of course we blurt out the occasional, "Omigod!" or "Anak ng tokwa!" whenever the heroine finds herself in danger. In matters of romance, we're on Team Leading Man With A Good Heart and don't care much for Team Dashing Third Wheel. 

4. Finding great deals and occasionally haggling

There are a handful of occasions where you can find us dressed down in jeans and a t-shirt, and one of them is when we make a trip to Divisoria to hoard raw materials. That's where we visit our suki and haggle when we buy fabric and ribbon to have all sorts of drapery and tablescape accessories made. On our way home, we make a pitstop at Dangwa for fresh flowers.

5. Indulging in street food

Yes, we do have the same cravings as you do. You won't find us at a fishball cart poking a stick into the bubbling oil but we will have a proxy there to buy some for us. We also have the number for fishball or dirty ice cream rentals whenever we feel like having some for our Sunday get-togethers.


6. Buying produce at the wet market

We do know the nutritional value of our veggies and find pleasure in choosing the freshest products ourselves. We know our way around a kitchen and acknowledge that a trip to the market requires a personal appearance. Foreign greenmarkets are a different playing field: a haven for new ingredients and a time to collect everything that cannot be found at home.

7. Reading up on celebrity gossip

When we're not flipping through a copy of YES! Magazine within the comforts of our she shed, and finding out whether Actress A is truly pregnant with twins through her ex-boyfriend, we are secretly covering up the latest copy with another title at a salon during our weekly waxing session.

8. Hoarding toiletries at hotels

Why not? They're absolutely complimentary and ours for the taking. We never know when we're going to need an extra toothbrush or travel size lotion, which we can always use as extra gifts in case we forgot anyone, so we stuff the mini collection of Hermès Eau d'Orange Verte into the front pocket of our suitcase.

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