8 Gifts For The Dad Who Has Everything
Things he probably doesn't realize he needs.

1. A retreat in paradise

If you haven't seen Dad take a vacation for quite some time, maybe it’s time to give him the ultimate break—weekend reservations on his own private island. In this archipelago, there are a number of choice locations such as Palawan and Siargao. It might even inspire him to invest in his own island.

2. An even better television set.

He’s already got a giant television, you say? Well, as far as entertainment goes, this TV is pretty great. It’s simplified all those complicated wires into one and uses an Invisible Connection cable for other TV-connected devices. With its sleek no-gap wall mount, the screen hardly takes attention away from the room’s design, blending in perfectly with any living space. The best part is that it uses Quantum Dot tech that turns light into perfect color, no matter what the time of day.

3. Bespoke shoes

Meet with a shoemaker and give him your specifications for something you know Dad would like. Pick out the soles, lining, and size and let the shoemaker work his magic. Believe us, Dad will be doubly touched that you took the time to have something made especially for him.

4. A watch he does not own yet

Patek Philippe Complications 5180/1R-001 in rose gold, Aquanaut 5158G-001, and Grand Complications 5316P-001 in platinum

No shocker here, but give Dad something to add to his growing collection. Look for a rare design, one you’re sure he doesn’t own yet. Perhaps find one of those limited edition Patek Philippe Titanium watches through an auction or comb through retail stores for the latest collection.

5. Celebratory cigars in a special case

Many men smoke cigars on special occasions and Father’s Day is as good a day as any. Fill up this Louis Vuitton travel cigar case and present it to him. The travel case is lined with cedar to store up to 150 cigars at just the right humidity.

Louis Vuitton travel cigar case, $4,850 (P240,439*)

6. Expandable face towels in tablet form

If Dad travels often but chooses to pack light, this simple gift will suit him well and fit perfectly into the pocket of any carry-on baggage. These portable face towels come in tablet form. To activate one, add water and wait three seconds for it to expand.


Men’s Society Travel Face Towels, £7.50 (P472**)

7. His own at-home weather station

If Dad’s a bit of a science geek and doesn’t always trust those inaccurate weather reports, he can set up his own weather station at home. The simple barometer has evolved with the times and now comes with outdoor and indoor sensors and Wi-Fi remote monitoring that he can access through his phone.

8. Set aside a whole day for him.

Maybe he just wants to spend the day with you. Take him to his favorite restaurant or offer to go on a dad date with him. It’s his day, let him call the shots and just give him your time.


*$1 = P49.58

**£1 = P62.92

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