7 New Firsts And Records Set By The 2017 Oscars
Viola Davis, Damien Chazelle, and Harry Potter all broke new ground at this year's Academy Awards.

La La Land did not win the most Oscars in history at last night's ceremony, but that doesn't mean no records were broken. Here's a list of all the firsts from the 2017 Oscars.

1. This was the first Oscars in a decade with multiple black acting winners.

Yes, it's true. As we know from the #OscarsSoWhite debacle, the past two Oscars ceremonies haven't even featured a single acting nominee of color, never mind any winners. But tonight's ceremony was the first since 2007 to feature more than one black acting winner. Two out of the four acting winners were black–Mahershala Ali for Moonlight, and Viola Davis for Fences.

The Academy has given awards to multiple actors of color on only two previous occasions: in 2005, when Jamie Foxx won Best Actor and Morgan Freeman won Best Supporting Actor, and in 2007, when Forest Whitaker and Jennifer Hudson won Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress.

2. The Harry Potter series got its first Oscar.

This seems crazy, right? The first eight Harry Potter movies never won a single Oscar, though they were nominated many times over in technical categories. The ninth movie in the franchise, New York-set prequel Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, finally broke the losing streak tonight with a win for Best Achievement in Costume Design.

3. Damien Chazelle is the youngest Best Director winner ever.

Thirty-two-year-old Chazelle was nominated two years ago for his exhilarating jazz drama Whiplash, and he was one of the youngest nominees in history then. His win for La La Land makes him officially the youngest winner in history.

4. Viola Davis is the first black person to receive an Oscar, Emmy and Tony for acting.

In addition to this being Viola's first ever Oscar—which seems even weirder than the Harry Potter series not having one yet—it capped off a groundbreaking trio of awards, making her the first black person to receive an Oscar, Emmy and Tony award all for acting. Whoopi Goldberg has all three, too (she's an EGOT) but the key is that her Emmy award wasn't for acting. A narrow record, but a record nonetheless!

5. Kevin O'Connell proves the 21st time's the charm.

That's how the phrase goes, right? Tonight's Sound Mixing winner Kevin O'Connell, who took the prize for his work on Hacksaw Ridge, has been nominated 20 times before without a single win. His win tonight broke the longest Oscar-losing streak in history.


6. Mahershala Ali is the first Muslim acting winner in history.

As noted in his emotional SAG Award acceptance speech, Ali converted to Islam 17 years ago. His Best Supporting Actor win for Moonlight makes him the first Muslim in history to win an acting Oscar. Needless to say, this particular record could not possibly have come at a time when it mattered more.

7. La La Land became the first movie ever to have its Best Picture win announced in error.

Full disclosure: we're only 95 percent sure this has never happened before. It's possible that it has, but the moment when it was revealed that Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway read out the wrong movie for Best Picture sure felt historic. The Oscars went to La La Land, and the producers were halfway through their acceptance speech… until they were interrupted by the stunning announcement that in fact, Moonlight had won. We are still shocked by the mixup.

From: Harper's Bazaar

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