6 Surprising Ways the Coffee Industry Is Changing People's Lives

People from all walks of life get the perks of the bean and the drink.
6 Surprising Ways the Coffee Industry Is Changing People's Lives

When you take a sip of Nespresso, relish the fact that an empowering process takes place from Africa to Asia, and South America to Europe. Through each of our actions, we, as coffee drinkers, can make coffee a sustainable pleasure by respecting nature, supporting quality, and the local communities that grow the beans. Below, how a cup of coffee—and your coffee habit—makes a difference in the lives of others and in your own.

1. Producers continue to search for beans of the highest quality.

Coffee growing is a $100 billion industry that thrives in over 60 coffee-growing countries. That rich taste you enjoy from Nespresso comes from over 30 years of commitment to sourcing flavorful beans from local communities globally.

2. Coffee farmers learn to produce coffee more sustainably.

Since 2003, Nespresso’s AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program, which invests in infrastructure and provides training and financial and technical assistance to farmers, has uplifted the lives of 75,000 small coffee farmers. One then realizes that sustainability means a lot of things: It doesn't just involve farms [or] plants. It also has to do with people.

3. Coffee farmers in Africa and South America become trusted stewards of the plots of earth on which they plant.

“I want to maintain my garden well, so I will produce high-quality coffee that will meet the international standard,” says Nespresso AAA farmer Joseph Malish of the Inutu Farmers Cooperative in South Sudan. In 2016, he made four times what he earned in the previous year from his coffee harvest. “I was able to get four times the revenue because the price had doubled, which really helped me very much especially in running the home affairs,” Malish adds.

4. As farmers get fair prices for their beans, poverty is alleviated, and basic needs are well within reach.

Umberto of Jardín, Colombia, supplies Nespresso with his best arabica beans under the AAA Sustainable Quality Program, enabling him to support his daughter Andrea through university. Malish of South Sudan dreams fearlessly: “In the beginning, we’re paying the school fees. At the end, we will build good houses, and one day have good transport also.”

5. Recycling turns into a lifestyle for coffee lovers.

It takes one action, done repeatedly, to resound through other aspects of your life. If you are responsible and want to participate in truly recycling, it’s very easy to do. Wherever Nespresso is sold, there are outlets that’ll take your used, recyclable aluminum pods. Some of these are repurposed as new capsules, bicycle frames, or automobile parts, while others are given to cooperatives to transform into beautiful decor for saleTo learn more about the drop-off points for used capsules in Manila, call 477-7870.

6. Coffee lovers can enjoy their drink from the convenience of home and on the go.

Plop the pod into the machine, and in minutes, enjoy your rich cup of espresso over breakfast or before your morning run. Prefer a cold, refreshing brew? Choose between Nespresso’s Italian-inspired limited edition iced coffee drinks, available until the end of August only: Ispirazione Salentina (a smooth, bold brew with roasted, nutty notes) and Ispirazione Shakerato (an intense, spicy yet smooth brew with a strong cocoa flavor). Both were crafted to let you recreate your summer and bring you to a better mood during the gloomy, rainy season. Easily make them with Nespresso's VIEW Shaker Mini Kit, which features two tempered glasses with lids and an ice cube tray, and drink them anywhere with the Nomad bottle, a bottle with double-wall insulation and straw for people on the go.

It seems that sustainability, as well as making a good impact on people's lives, is a ripple effect triggered by Nespresso from farm to table. The message here is a great one: If all the people starting on these farms are looked after and given the opportunity to make a great product and be paid better, then the product and everything else rise to the top.

For more information, visit www.nespresso.ph or call 477-7870.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Nespresso.