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You Can Get the Legendary ADB Cookies Outside the ADB Building

There's no need to make friends with ADB employees anymore.
IMAGE INSTAGRAM @margaritafores

The ADB Building has some of the strictest security measures of any office in the Metro. You don't just walk in, bat an eyelash, flex your muscles, or perhaps leave your identification card at the lobby. To enter the ADB, you need an appointment which has to be logged onto the system, go through a couple of X-ray machines, and have your headshot taken because heaven forbid you don't look anything like your ID photo.

Such rigid procedure makes entering the building all the more special because we all know that the one reason to endure all airport checks in a non-airport is, well, a cookie.

The ADB chocolate crinkles are legend: giant discs, each half-an-inch thick and about five inches wide, with a deep, dark color that makes you believe that they used the good chocolate and dusted with fine white sugar. It crumbles at the slightest touch, as if to tell you that this is all pure chocolate goodness—none of that binder shit.

People line up for them, people skip work for them, people make friends who work at the ADB just to get them. They're sold at the company cafeteria, and because only 400 pieces are made at a time, they're rationed to 20 cookies for every person. The fact that they usually run out before 4 p.m. should be enough proof that these are some amazing chocolate treats.

If you've been busy crowdsourcing for a person to purchase these cookies for you (seriously, we've seen some desperate folks looking for ADB employees in online forums), then you should know that they'd been quietly available at Alta at Ascott Bonifacio Global City until last week. Now, you can actually order them from chef and restaurateur Margarita Fores.

Fores made the announcement of the cookie's availability on her Instagram page. The good news is that there are no security checks to order. The bad news? You need to call two days ahead.


Here's the number: 729-0030. Knock yourself out.

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