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What Your Favorite Champagne Brand Says About You

From Moët & Chandon to Billecart-Salmon, here's how to decipher your champagne preferences.

Champagne has to come from its namesake region in France, but despite its geographic requirement the differences in taste profiles can be immense. And the house you prefer can say a lot about your personality.

Town & Country turned to Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan, the fourth woman among only 47 people in the U.S. to ever attain the prestigious title of Master of Wine (MW), to uncover what your favorite champagne brand says about you.

Veuve Clicquot: You're Always en Vogue


Always in style, the iconic yellow label of Veuve Clicquot (pronounced "vuv klee-KO") at your table commands attention and points to your contemporary, modern, of-the-moment style.

Moët & Chandon: You're the Center of Attention


Perhaps the most recognized champagne house in the world, Moët et Chandon (pronounced "moe-ETTE eh shah-DON") Imperial as a favorite says you are popular, beloved, and deserve the attention.

Armand de Brignac: Ocean's Eleven Could Be Your Life


Someone who loves Armand de Brignac, which is pronounced "ar-MOND de Breen-yac," and is owned entirely by Jay-Z, has a wild side. The embossed spade emblem on the gold bottle on your table says you are a risk taker and an adventurer. Nothing says fast and furious quite like "Ace of Spades."

Krug: The Maven's Maven


Krug (pronounced "Kroog") is the sommelier's champagne. With its bold taste profile, a bottle of Krug says power, rich taste, and beauty, all without regret.

Dom Pérignon: The Relais & Châteaux of Champagnes (Famous, Rich, and Private)


Most don't realize Dom Pérignon (pronounced "dom pear-een-YON") is a vintage champagne that is very rich in style and only made three times per decade. Those who toast with it are effectively saying, "We are special and truly unique."

Cristal: Classical Is Your Taste


Cristal (pronounced "kris-TALL") says you are refined and sophisticated, yet celebrated.


Laurent-Perrier: You're the CEO in the Room


With its smart, sleek style, "LP" (pronounced "lore-AUNT pear-ee-AY") is the champagne that says you are smart and savvy—and that you believe celebrating is an honor and a sincere and serious business.

Taittinger: Grace Kelly is Your Style Icon


Just like the Grace Kelly-like figure on the famous L'Instant Taittinger poster, Taittinger (pronounced "TATT-on-jshay") champagnes suggest an elegance and precision in all your fine tastes.

Piper-Heidsieck: You Love French Cinema


The "red label" is seen around the world and famous at events like the Cannes Film Festival. If Piper-Heidsieck (pronounced "pie-per-HIED-zick") is at your table, it suggests you are very worldly, multicultural, and into the arts.

Bollinger: You're a Man or Woman of Mystery and Intrigue

$41.99 (375 ml)

Made famous from James Bond films, Bollinger (pronounced "ball-in-ger" if you're British or "bowl-on-jshay" if you're French) has been celebrated as the gentleman's champagne. Its more full-bodied style suggests you want to feel the rush of life, yet with charm and polish.

Perrier-Jouët: High Society & Georgia O'Keeffe May Be Your Crowd


Pronounced "pear-ee-AY joo-ETTE," this is a powerful champagne in terms of its taste, and its style also has a cultured silky side. Perrier-Jouët bottles have an artistic flair that suggests your creative and imaginative side.

Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé: You're a Chic Student of History


Someone who loves Billecart-Salmon, which is pronounced "bee-CAR SAH-mon," has exquisite and dapper taste. The unique bottle shape says you have a strong admiration for history, but the rose gold color and delicately perfumed champagne in the bottle seductively whispers "chic."

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