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Where to Order Gourmet Homecooked Meals for Your Next Party

Because you can be the best host without necessarily being the greatest cook. Your secret weapon lies in knowing who to call.
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Entertaining guests at home comes with endless tasks. Tick off one major item from your checklist by enlisting the help of these culinary experts to garnish your dinner table with a variety of dishes, from tinapa tapenade to braised spiced shortribs.

Gourmet Corner by Bettina Osmeña
Premium homecooked meals using organic poultry
Recommendations: Baked Provençal-style porchetta, marinated with Dijon mustard and herb de Provence; truffle mushroom cannelloni; deboned chicken roasted with butter and grapes.
For orders, contact 888.2563; 0998.569.6849; Gourmet Corner.

Bettina Osmena and her baked porchetta

Carmina Mapa Del Rosario
Mindanao cuisine using ingredients native to the islands
Recommendations: Tinapa tapenade, truffle cheese pate, balbacua or oxtail stew
For orders, contact 0928.505.3605; [email protected].

Carmina Mapa del Rosario working on her tinapa tapenade

The Del Rosario Sisters
An extensive range of delectable comestibles and comfort food
Recommendations: Moist chocolate cake, dried beef tapa, chorizo, and homemade suman
For orders, contact 0928.502.8048; [email protected].

Tina Romualdez, Aida del Rosario, Malu del Rosario, Marissa Peralta, Liza del Rosario, and Maitoni CuUnjieng and some of their baked goods

Xancho BY Marco Rodriguez
Dishes of Spanish, Turkish, Moroccan, French, and Italian origins
Recommendations: Porter-braised spiced short rib with chestnuts and figs, and brown butter pasta with chestnuts, sage, and crisped pancetta topped with goat cheese
For Xáncho’s daily offerings, log onto Xancho's; 0917.830.7020; 0917.505.4572.

Marco Rodriguez and his porter braised short rib

nawwTy by Trish Panlilio
Playful and indulgent dishes
Recommendations: Glazed prosciutto and goat cheese rolls; creamed truffle chicken; artisanally made butters in interesting flavors such as paprika smoked bacon, lime peppered jalapeño, and shiraz rosemary garlic
For orders and inquiries for custom catering services, e-mail [email protected]; 0918.998.7474; 0906.496.3745.


  Trish Panlilio and nawwTy's roast chicken

Dominique Cuisine Artisanale By Monique Sison Enrile
Specialty: Luxurious desserts anchored by Swiss chocolates
Recommendations: Petit Chocolat, Pretzel Chocolat, Luxe Crispers Chocolat
For orders, contact Dominique Cuisine Artisanale, 211.2679; 0920.977.8505; [email protected]

Monique Sison and her sweet treats

Yuan Ongpin
: Homemade Filipino dishes
Recommendations: Seafood and chorizo paella, bone-in roast beef with gravy, fabada, Iberian chicken, spaghetti à la vongole, and Caesar dressing
For orders, contact [email protected].

Yuan Ongpin and his famous paella


Cochinillo Del Cielo By Tinee De Guzman
Specialty: Roasted meat and oven-baked pizzas
Recommendations: His famous cochinillo
For orders, contact Cochinillo Del Cielo, 633.0043; 0999.881.0810; [email protected].

Tinee de Guzman and his crisp cochinillo

A Table by Dulce Magat Gibb
Hearty, homecooked meals remiscent of noche buena feasts
Recommendations: Roasted pork belly paired with potatoes
For inquiries, contact 0917.862.1800; [email protected].

Dulce Gibb and her roasted pork belly

Stwo by Tippi Tambunting
Everything stewed
Recommendations: Lamb tagine cooked with different spices; pork buns with cucumber and Tippi’s own homemade sauce; and callos
For orders, contact 0977.722.8224.

Chef Tippy Tambunting and her homemade callos

Project Hearth by Celina Le Heindre
 Nourishing recipes made from real broths, real bones, and soups low in sugar and salt
Recommendations: A line of products comprised of six flavors of soup, three kinds of broth, and savory jams made from scratch
For orders, visit or contact 0906.203.5277

Celina Le Heindre and soups and spreads from Project Hearth

Morsels of Inspiration by Nicole Ortega
Everything from gourmet tuyo to caprese skewers
Recommendations: Cheesy pimiento spread, chicken curry spread, pasta sauces, and party platters
For orders, e-mail [email protected].


Nicole Ortega and and her tuyo pasta
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