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Where To Go For the Biggest and Most Authentic Oktoberfest Party in Manila

Solaire will be flying in 25,000 liters of beer from Bavarian brewery Weihenstephaner, said to be the world’s oldest.

For the better part of the last decade in Manila, the term “Oktoberfest” conjured images of music festivals with cholesterol-laden sisig and crispy pata, and bars selling local beer at special promo prices. While the parties bore the spirit of Oktoberfest, they were a far cry from what really goes on in Munich, where the celebration first began.

This year, Solaire and the German Club Manila are planning to change all that with what they say will be the most authentic Oktoberfest the Philippines has ever experienced.

Last year, Solaire’s VP for food and beverage Bastian Breuer and executive head chef Michael Dinges joined the German Club to get to know the local German community better. It was only a matter of time before they began chatting about Oktoberfest, a tradition that the club has held on Philippine shores for 80 years running.

“It was very organic,” Breuer shares. “Germans talking to Germans, with the same vision. We always said it needs to be authentic: German beer, German food, German band. That’s when everything came together, and that’s why we’re here today.”

The club had already been impressed with Solaire’s own Oktoberfest in 2017—which meant the members no longer needed to vet the resort’s food for authenticity—making the partnership an immediate fit. 

The food, a selection of traditional German dishes and sausages, will once again be served family-style on picnic tables decorated in Bavarian white and blue. Among the offerings are traditional Bavarian pretzels; an assortment of German cold cuts; homemade spaetzli cooked with cream, mountain cheese, and crisped onions; weisswurst (a Munich-style poached veal and pork sausage, served with sweet mustard); and a Bavarian meat platter loaded with crispy pork knuckle, pork schnitzel, rotisserie chicken, and bread dumplings. The chef will also be making homemade sausages using recipes from his family’s butchery.


To cap off the meal, guests will have two options for dessert: a classic apple and walnut strudel, and kaiserschmarm, a decadent shredded pancake tossed with rum-soaked raisins and topped with a mixed berry compote and vanilla sauce.

“A German Oktoberfest without German beer is not a true Oktoberfest,” Breuer is quick to remind, and to that end, Solaire will be flying in 25,000 liters of beer from Bavarian brewery Weihenstephaner, said to be the world’s oldest.

When asked why they ordered such a mammoth amount, Breuer replies: “We calculated generously. Of course, running out is not an option, without a doubt. That would be the biggest disgrace in the world! And with Weihenstephaner, with whom we have a great partnership, there is always backup, so I’m not worried about running out. I think that if we get to the point that we consume all 25,000 liters, it’s a good sign, because then everybody had a good time and enjoyed the beer.”

The sheer amount of beer is indicative of Solaire's goal for this year’s festivities: to maintain the level of authenticity they achieved last year, but on a much, much larger scale. The resort is putting up a separate Oktoberfest tent for this year’s celebration: an enormous 2,400-square-meter venue to be overflowing with food and beer. Oktoberfest music courtesy of 12-man German band Bavarian Sound Express, and numerous games and lucky draws will add to all the fun.


And while Solaire and the German Club Manila are aiming for an authentically German experience, they expect Filipinos to feel right at home.

“Filipinos are very social people,” Breuer says. “They like to go out. They’re very passionate about music. They love to sing. They’re very outgoing. I think these factors definitely play a role, and then you throw in some party food that everybody likes. You throw in beer. So it’s a mix that is kind of irresistible and gets everybody in a good mood, and I think that’s exactly what Filipinos love to do.”

“If you have a big tent like we do this year, with thousands of people, the atmosphere will be absolutely amazing. I think people will be dancing on the benches, on the dance floor, and just go wild and crazy.” For more information, visit

German Club Manila’s 80th Oktoberfest at Solaire, October 4 to 6, 2018, from 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. Guests can enjoy free-flowing Bavarian beer and authentic German food and snacks throughout the evening.

For inquiries, contact [email protected]. Tickets are currently available at the Solaire Box Office and Ticketworld.

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