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Here's What You Can Do With Used Nespresso Pods

Nespresso is continually making adjustments to improve and reduce its carbon footprint.

Coffee connoisseurs are rejoicing with the opening of Nespresso's first standalone boutique at Power Plant Mall. In true Nespresso style, the contemporary boutique is a sleek, modern haven for the brand’s fans.

One of the highlights of the 140-square-meter space is, undoubtedly, its Tasting Bar, where consumers can try different Nespresso coffee varieties and recipes to their heart’s content.

Nespresso's Tasting Bar

Nespresso is continually making adjustments to improve and reduce its carbon footprint. First, by using aluminum in its single-serve capsules which, aside from being environment-friendly, seal and extend the freshness of the coffee. The brand also has programs that support over 70,000 coffee farmers and more than 300 agronomists around the world.

Sustainability is something that’s ingrained in the Nespresso DNA. Renaud Tinel, Nespresso head of Asia, says, “Our success lies in the quality of the coffee, in innovation, and sustainability. Sustainability means a lot of things at Nespresso. From coffee sourcing, aspects of the AAA Sustainable Quality Program, and the consumer point of view: recycling.”

The recycling station in the back

Tucked in one corner of the boutique is the recycling station, where customers may drop off their used capsules. Nespresso fully encourages its clients to return their capsules as the company is partnering with local organizations who have endless uses for the capsules in commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications. Aluminum can also be melted and infinitely recycled. Meanwhile, the coffee grounds can be used as compost for soil. 

One of the organizations that Nespresso has partnered with is the Negrense Volunteers for Change (NVC). The foundation upcycles the used coffee capsules into beautiful pieces of home decor that are sold to benefit NVC's artisans.

The particular product below was made with 610 Nespresso capsules. Proceeds of the balls go toward the foundation's Mingo Feeding Program.


A post shared by NVC Foundation (@nvcfoundation) on reports, "Negrense Volunteers for Change (NVC) came up with the idea to upcycle coffee capsules into beautiful pieces of home decor. Established in 2010 in Bacolod City, NVC has been on a mission ‘to fight hunger and poverty by providing proper nutrition and access to quality education for children of the poor, as well as sustainable livelihood opportunities for their parents.’" To know more about the NVC x Nespresso project visit this link:

The Nespresso Boutique is located at Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati.

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