How to Give Your Dining Room a Fine Dining Feel

The best meals always come from the best kitchens.
How to Give Your Dining Room a Fine Dining Feel

Fact: When it comes to dining, the environment is just as important as the meal itself. Even more so if you're dining at home—it traces further back to where and how you prepare your dishes. After all, eating is an experience that should pleasure all the senses and bring people together. Here are four ways you can do just that:  

Keep the lighting in your dining room dim and warm for special dinners.

Low lighting usually indicates a slow meal and an intimate, leisurely time. You can achieve this lighting using candles or a chandelier with dimmable LED over your dining table. The latter works well for evenings that require a brighter atmosphere.

Always be prepared to serve whites and reds that would pair well with each of your dishes.

Good hosts ensure their bottles are always properly stored. To take out the guesswork in storing wines, for instance, Sub-Zero has several wine preservation units that can seamlessly integrate into any room. Not only do these wine storage units cool and preserve your best bottles, they also guard against heat, humidity, vibration, and light—keeping the complexity and the character of your wines at their optimum.

Invest in fine china or high-quality dinnerware.

The best splurges are always justified by their use. Your dinnerware is something you use every day, so invest in good-quality pieces for enjoying the best meals. Know your plates and their uses, too, from the charger to the soup bowl.

Consider serving degustation style, if you feel like being more creative in cooking and plating.

Whether you’re serving a four-, five-, or eight-course spread, friends and family will always appreciate occasional elaborate meals at home. While cooking can take a village, functional tools will always be your ally. They make the biggest difference when you know which ones to pick.

When you opt for the Wolf M Series Oven, for instance, you can cook different dishes all at the same time. Delicious meals are ensured thanks to its Dual VertiCross System that distributes air evenly throughout the cavity and across all racks. No need to rotate pans or adjust racks. This means you can cook a leg of lamb, bake that mouthwatering Southern-style pasta casserole, roast potatoes, and bake your sweet, mixed berry crisp all at once.

It also has a Gourmet Mode, which lets you prepare popular dishes without the guesswork (the menu with nearly 50 presets!).

Another foolproof pick from Wolf is the Convection Steam Oven, which combines steam and convection to cut cooking time by as much as 25 percent. The oven can detect the size and shape of your food to automatically adjust cooking time and temperature, allowing you to make the juiciest roasts and the best loaves of bread.

The Wolf Induction Cooktop’s True Simmer setting, on the other hand, lets you multitask without burning or scorching soups, sauces, and stews, since it keeps the temperature below boiling.

Sub-Zero and Wolf kitchen appliances allow every home cook and gracious host to create restaurant-grade dishes easily and conveniently, all without taking out the joy in cooking.

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