Solaire's Grilling Party Celebrates International Cuisine

Pick from delicacies from over 14 countries.
Solaire's Grilling Party Celebrates International Cuisine

On April 5 and 6, Solaire will arrange a smorgasbord of international delicacies for their poolside grilling party. It will offer the finest of European, Middle Eastern, American, Australian, and East and Southeast Asian cuisine.

Eight cooking stations will plate grilled specialties from over 14 different countries. Germany, Spain, and Italy will be representing European dining with sausages, grilled veal saltimbocca, and paella.

Middle Eastern flavors find their place through traditional mezze, tapas-like appetizers, and shish taouk, a marinated chicken shish kebab.

The U.S. station will serve smoked beef brisket and BBQ pork ribs. Meanwhile, the complex flavors of churrasco skewers and matambre, Argentine beef stuffed with vegetables, herbs, and egg, define South America.

The Australian station will offer traditional meats with plank wood salmon and lamb burgers.

Asia has a strong lineup of representative countries: Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, China, and the Philippines. Take your pick from grilled unagi, kalbi flank steak, and bulgogi top blade; satay, ayam panggang or roast chicken, and banh mi; crispy pork belly, roasted BBQ duck, and lamb skewers; kilawin appetizers, chicken inasal, inihaw tuna belly, lechon, and halo-halo.

Each country will also be represented by a drink. Sapporo beer and sake for Japan, Weihenstephan Lager for Germany, and San Miguel beer and Engkanto beer for the local brew. White and red wines, along with non-alcoholic refreshments, will also be available.

Tickets start at P2,999 and is inclusive of VAT and subject to 10% service charge. Reserve seats by calling 888-8888 or emailing [email protected]. To learn more, visit Solaire's Facebook page and their website.

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