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A Filipino-Owned Brandy Was Recognized as the World's Best

Fundador Supremo 18 was named Best Brandy in the World 2019 by the prestigious International Wine and Spirits Competition.

The International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) just named Filipino-owned Fundador the best brandy in the world. Founded in 1969, the IWSC is comprised of the most esteemed panelists and discerning connoisseurs in the world of brandy tasting.

The IWSC named Fundador Supremo 18 the best brandy in the world under the category Brandy de Jerez, which refers to brandy that was matured in the Jerez area of Andalusia, Spain, using the solera system.

Fundador is Spain’s oldest and largest brandy maker. It was founded in the 1600s in the Andalusia region, a community known for its rolling hills, rivers, and vineyards. Intricately intertwined with its history is the Bodegas Fundador, a deeply respected name synonymous with the legacy and culture of Andalusia.

Since the 17th century, members of Spain’s royal family have been loyal patrons at the Bodegas Fundador where brandy is matured in old sherry casks. Such was the relationship between the Spanish royal family and Fundador that the latter was granted the rare privilege of using the Spanish Royal Coat of Arms on its casks.


Fundador’s Interesting Notes and Unique Expressions

According to the panelists at the International Wine and Spirits Competition, Fundador Supremo 18 has hints of bitter cherry and notes of dark chocolate. It also has an aroma of fresh coffee grounds, rounded out by a balanced expression of smooth, sweet cereal notes and spices. “The oak is in balance with the spirit and gives some creamy vanilla and soft red apples,” read the panelists’ notes.

Much of the expressions found in Fundador Supremo 18 is due to the rare oloroso sherry casks it uses to mature the brandy. The casks impart strong notes of vanilla, roasted nuts, wood, and dried fruit, providing the exquisite finish.

Not the First Time to Win ‘Best Brandy’ Title

In 2016, the Philippines’ largest rum maker, Emperador, acquired Fundador. The acquisition cemented Emperador as the world’s largest brandy company. A year after the acquisition in 2017, Fundador won awards in various international wine and spirits competition. That year, the Fundador Supremo 15 Years Old Amontillado Cask won the gold award at the 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, while the Fundador Exclusivo Solera Gran Reserva won bronze. The San Francisco World Spirits Competition is among the most respected in the industry.


Filipinos are Top Brandy Drinkers, Too

Today, the Philippines is one of the largest markets of Fundador, with a growing base of brandy drinkers. In 2012, Filipinos consumed 287.9 million liters of brandy, which was twice the figure of data from 2008. In 2013, the Philippines ranked third in the list of the biggest rum and brandy drinkers in the world, after Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

The Philippines also topped the list of the world's biggest gin consumers, in large part due to Filipinos’ love of homegrown gin brand Ginebra San Miguel.

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