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This Collab With Hey Handsome Will Change Everything About Diet Meals

Nicco Santos of Hey Handsome helps elevate Fit Food Manila’s menu in the first edition of its culinary masters series.

With more people wanting to lose weight and eat healthier, there has been a spike in diet delivery providers in Manila. But not all diet delivery programs are created equal.

Fit Food Manila has already overcome one of the dieter’s biggest woes: No more bland and boring food selections. Fit Food founder Ryan Serrano always knew his food stood out, thanks to customers who would personally commend him for having the "best food" among all the diet programs, but he also knew that complacency would get him nowhere. Serrano wanted to “own” the good food his business was known for and to elevate it by partnering some of Manila’s best chefs.

Nicco Santos with Fit Food Manila founder Ryan Serrano

Starting the second week of June, Fit Food clients will be surprised to find that three to five of their regular dishes will be replaced with chef-collaborated meals that still cater to a healthy lifestyle. To start, the service tapped Nicco Santos of Hey Handsome and Your Local fame to contribute unique and flavorful dishes to the weekly program. Santos, who’s known for whipping up modernized South East Asian dishes, will prepare a dry Malaysian curry laksa penne with shrimp; smoked salmon spring onions, and fresh egg salad sandwich; and Tex-Mex tofu steak and eggs with mushroom and corn teriyaki black rice during this first run. Possibly the best part of this all is that these chef-partnered meals come at no additional cost.

Tex-Mex tofu steak and eggs with mushroom and corn teriyaki black rice

Smoked salmon and fresh egg salad sandwich

Malaysian curry laksa penne with shrimp

Santos worked with Fit Food's in-house chef, who will be replicating these dishes for the service's clients. Santos admits that coming up with these calorie-counted concepts was "tough" but his creativity and flair for Asian flavors obviously shone.


The following month, Fit Food will enlist another renowned chef to add to its already vast lineup of 700 dishes on rotation. The goal is to showcase one partner chef per month, since Serrano believes “there’s something really special about enjoying food that had been intricately developed and prepared by a chef who specializes on certain cuisines.”

Currently, Fit Food has always served four different types of diet that go as low as P370 a day for five meals—the Fit Food Calorie-Counted Meals, Fit Food Plus, Fit Heart, and Fit Food Keto. The meals are prepped with fresh ingredients daily and delivered to your doorstep the night before.

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