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This Is the Fabulous Cocktail We'll Be Serving at Art Fair Philippines
The top art collectors in the country will be sipping on this gin-based drink at the special viewing.

The biggest art event in the country begins on February 15 as Art Fair Philippines 2017 kicks off with an exclusive gathering of top gallerists, art enthusiasts, and the most dedicated collectors, where they will get a chance to preview the collection before it opens to the public. In this intimate event, a fabulous gin and tonic will be served to the guests as they make their rounds around the gallery at The Link.

The gin and tonic, made by the bartenders from the Long Bar at Raffles Makati, will highlight a generous pour of Sipsmith's Raffles 1915 Gin. The full-bodied London Dry gin contains the warmth of sweet orange spice partnered with a bright balanced finished and bottled handsomely with the Sipsmith’s signature swan front and center

How Sipsmith and the Raffles 1915 Gin Came About

For nearly 200 years before 2009, no one in London had been producing gin the traditional way anymore. It was Sipsmith Distillery’s mission to bring back a gin of uncompromised quality and character to the capital that had first given life to it. In 2009, two childhood friends, Fairfax and Sam, enlisted the help of Prudence, a huge still made of copper, the first of its kind in almost two centuries, which sparked the revival of London’s distilling movement.

Fast-forward to the present day, with every bottle of Sipsmith spirits crafted by hand at the Sipsmith Distillery. Two new stills, Constance, and Patience, join Prudence in the Sipsmith lab where the head distiller’s latest creations are made the traditional way, with no computer-aided machines, no regimented timings, and no corner cutting.

And since we're on the subject of legends, the Singapore Sling was first conceived at the Raffles’ Long Bar back in 1915. To celebrate the occasion, Sipsmith and Raffles’ Long Bar worked together to come up with another pioneer potion—the Raffles 1915 Gin.


That's the gin the top collectors will be sipping in their fabulous gin and tonic tomorrow. Are you one of them?

Raffles 1915 Garden Sling, a special cocktail you can get at the Raffles Long Bar during any given visit

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