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These Boozy Advent Calendars Will Liven Up Your Holiday Season

Cheers to 24 days of booze.

The only thing better than chocolate or a beauty product in your advent calendar? Getting booze instead. Luckily, a slew of new countdown calendars featuring a variety of spirits are on their way to make those 24 days as festive as ever. Here are the calendars you should shop for the 2018 holidays, along with a few of our favorites from 2017.

Aldi's Wine Advent Calendar

COMING 11/7 $69.99

Best for: The non-discerning vino lover who will happily try the variety of wines included.

What's inside: 24 mini bottles of Aldi's award-winning wine, including red, white, rosé, and sparkling wine. Aldi's signature wine advent calendar will be on sale for a limited time starting on November 7, and the calendars will finally be available to buy in the United States. Start strategizing by finding an Aldi near you here.

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Heritage Distilling Co. Spirits Advent Calendar


Best for: Your friend who still doesn't have a signature drink order.

What's inside: A festive mix of 24 mini bottles of vodka, gin, and bourbon by Heritage Distilling Co.

Sparkling Wine Advent Calendar


Best for: A U.K.-based bubbly lover, because this genius calendar only ships across the pond.

What's inside: 6.8-ounce bottle of sparkling wines, including Prosecco, cava, Champagne, and sparkling rosé.

The Pip Stop Gin Advent Cracker


Best for: The gin and tonic lover who never strays from the usual.

What's inside: 24 different flavors of gin packaged in an adorable holiday-themed cracker. But note: this advent calendar doesn't ship outside the United Kingdom.

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Virgin Wines Advent Calendar


Best for: A wine lover who would wholeheartedly agrees that "Christmas is too short for boring wine," as the box states.


What's inside: A mix of red, whites, rosé, Prosecco, and even a Champagne treat that will keep you happily toasting to life for 24 days straight. The 2018 edition promises to be "even bigger, and even better" than last year's version.

Very Old and Rare Whisky Advent Calendar (2017 Edition)

Best for: Big-spenders who are trying to impress a Whisky expert.

What's inside: Mini bottles of the world's most sought-after whiskies, including a 60-year-old malt Scotch and a rare Japanese whisky. 

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Gin Advent Calendar (2017 Edition)

Best for: The person who loves gin no matter what the haters (or scientific studies) say.

What's inside: 24 small samples of gin, ranging from the classics (a signature dry gin) to more experimental flavors, like a lavender edition of gin.

12 Days of Pimp Your Prosecco Advent Calendar (2017 Edition)

Best for: The friend who loves glitter, bubbles, and gold.

What's inside: 12 accessories to pump up your fizzy drinks. This includes flavored bubbles and safe-to-drink glitter, wide plastic straws, and shimmer powder. 

Whisky Advent Calendar (2017 Edition)

Best for: That one relative who is a diehard fan of a classic Manhattan.

What's inside: 24 varieties of whisky and Scotch hailing from Ireland and America, including a whisky worth £600 a bottle.

Tequila Advent Calendar (2017 Edition)

Best for: The one person on your holiday gift list who never turns down a shot.

What's inside: 24 mini-bottles of Tequila from Mexico and beyond, including both boutique producers to world-famous brands.

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