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16 Offbeat Uses for Red Wine
For those days when you've got a bit of cabernet left over and you're feeling adventurous.

Sometimes, you've got booze to spare and time on your hands. Try one of these recipes.

Creamy Garlic Parmesan Red Wine Spaghetti

Pairing a glass of wine with a bowl of pasta is a solid combo, but actually cooking the pasta in the wine? That's next-level deliciousness. Get the recipe at Eat Well 101.


Wine Doughnuts

These quick and yummy old-school Italian-style doughnuts can be made with any type of wine, which means you can customize the taste to your preference. Get the recipe at Honest Cooking.


Red Wine Brownies With Drunken Cranberries

Red wine brownies with a wine-soaked cranberry kick on top sounds like heaven, doesn't it? Get the recipe at A Cookie Named Desire.


Roasted Strawberry Red Wine Popsicles

Who says popsicles are just for kids? Upgrade your pops with fancy roasted strawberries and your sweet red wine of choice. Just remember to keep them on the high shelf in the freezer, away from prying kids' hands. Get the recipe at Pastry Affair.


Red Wine Milkshakes

Milk and red wine might sound a little strange at first, but if you open your mind, you can get your sweet fix and your daily dose of antioxidants all in one go. This recipe also calls for whipped cream vodka to give it a little extra oomph. Get the recipe at Lucky Peach.


Red Wine and Shallot Butter

Beyond the fact that this beautiful butter, with its purple-pink hue, is an actual work of art, you can use it on any number of foods. Try the wine-infused spread over steak and report back how your life has changed.
Get the recipe at Sprinkles and Sprouts.


Wine Gummy Bears

For another kid-classic made adult-friendly, make your own wine-infused gummy bears. This recipe works with any variation of wine – red, white, and rosé – but red wine gummies are likely to pack the biggest punch.
Get the recipe at Cooking With Janica.


Dark Chocolate Red Wine Brownies

Red wine and dark chocolate always make a winning pair. Elevate your standard brownies by tossing in a nice rich red. Get the recipe at The Domestic Rebel.


Red Wine Chocolate Cake with Sugared Cranberries

A wine-infused layer cake topped with sugared berries is sure to impress any guest. Get the recipe at Creative Culinary.

Cheesecake Bars With Wine Gelée

Cheesecake on its own is a winner, but topped with a fun wine gelée? You'll have a hit on your hands (and in your stomach). Get the recipe at Sweet and Savory by Shinee.



Wine & Cheese Grilled Cheese

Name a more iconic duo than wine and cheese. You can't! This delectable take on the standard grilled cheese recipe is completely mouthwatering.
Get the recipe at BS' in the Kitchen.


Red Wine Ice Cream

Homemade ice cream is a luxury. Red wine homemade ice cream is a delicacy. Whip some up and get your Pinterest-worthy sundae game on.
Get the recipe at Cooking With Janica.


Red Wine Marshmallows & Dark Chocolate Wine Ganache

Indulge in the pure, sugary goodness of a homemade marshmallow, with a red wine and dark chocolate bonus to go with it. Drop it into a cup of cocoa, even – you deserve it. Get the recipe at The Pike Place Kitchen.


Chocolate Red Wine Cupcakes

You can never go wrong with a chocolate cupcake. The addition of red wine only makes it even better. Get the recipe at Jennifer Meyering.


Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Red wine and hot chocolate – here together as they were always meant to be enjoyed. Enjoy a cup (or two) in front of a roaring fire for peak wintry coziness. Get the recipe at Imma Eat That.


Blueberry Cabernet Cheesecake Popsicle

Cheesecake—great. Cabernet—also great. Blueberries—a pretty solid fruit, on their own. Mix the three together, and what do you get? One heavenly, indulgent desert. Get the recipe at Endless Simmer.

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