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12 Fabulously Decadent Holiday Treats For Your Christmas Feast

Fruitcake, truffled spreads, and, Christmas ham, oh my!


Ooh La La's Le Nöel Cake

Patissier Rebecca Disini marks the season with traditional German flavors in her limited edition Le Nöel cake. The Yuletide pastry combines bold ingredients such as nutmeg, mulled wine, cloves, anise, and cinnamon. These are infused with Ooh La La's signature layers of silky chocolate genoise and milk chocolate mousse.

To order, email [email protected]

Casa San Luis Fruitcakes


Fruitcake season wouldn’t be complete with Casa San Luis pastries. Available in three and six inches, these fruitcakes come in a new round shape and tin cannister but stay true to their much-lauded flavors. The handmade cakes, which are coated in brandy and left to mature for two months, come in classic, French style, and Filipino style flavors to suit a variety of flavor palates., [email protected], 0916.644.8522

Dessert du Jour's Chestnut Gateau de Crepe

How Dessert du Jour manages to keep each layer of its famed Gateau de Crepes so light and paper-thin escapes us. In between each layer of 12-inch round cake is a creamy custard of your choosing but in the spotlight this season is its delicious chestnut crepe cake.

Alpha Salcedo, 1913 HV Dela Costa St., Salcedo Village, Makati, 405.2580.

Roshan Samtani’s Millionaire Cake and Food for the God Cookies


This year, Samtani’s homemade goodies combine two favorites: holiday cookies and Food for the Gods bars. These crunchy cookie versions pack dates and roasted walnuts in every bite. Meanwhile, another notable experiment from this kitchen is the Millionaire’s Cake, a rich infusion of her bestselling cakes, featuring an addition of roasted macadamia nuts., 631.7786, 633.6286

Classic Confections Guava Bars

It’s the seasonal dessert you never thought you needed. Set apart from Classic Confections' array of holiday goodies are the unexpected guava bars. Like all of Baba Ibazeta-Benedicto’s sweets, the chewy guava bars are light on the sugar, which only makes you crave for more. One of our choices for runner-up is Meline’s Chocolate Cake, a moist and indulgent creation reminiscent of a birthday cake from childhood, which its creator named after a beloved household helper.

Classic Confections, Greenbelt 5, 0917.824.5892

Salud de Castro's Christmas Bread


This vibrant and generously topped Christmas bread has annually found its way onto Noche Buena tables across the city and is revered as a tried-and-tested favorite. These, among other holiday pastries, were specially prepared by a team headed by stockbroker and food enthusiast Salud de Castro.

To order, contact Salud de Castro at 0917.898.0701.

Hiraya Bakery Apple Cake and Turtle Pie


Known for proudly fronting Filipino ingredients and pastries, Hiraya Bakery puts a local twist on the apple cake and integrates the sugar from caramel panocha, the unrefined sugar cane pudding used as fillers in local delicacies. This special edition Christmas cake is topped with thick cream cheese frosting. Another holiday special is the Turtle Pie, which was made with local brand Risa Chocolate., [email protected]


Grace Home’s Manchego Curado with Almond Olive Tapenade, Organic Chicken Liver Pate with Pistachio Praline, and Quattro Formaggio Spread with Pink Peppercorn

In the few months since Grace Baja launched Taste By Grace Home, the food line's products have successfully become a hit at food fairs and trunk shows. Its standout products include a trio of spreads: the Manchego Curado with almond olive tapenade, organic chicken liver pate with pistachio praline, and the Quattro Formaggio spread with pink peppercorn, the latter two made with grass-fed butter and sherry and truffle honey, respectively., [email protected], 0906.361.8374

The Crazy Cook’s Tinapa Tapenade and Smoked Fish Paté


Known as The Crazy Cook, Carmina Mapa del Rosario ensures that only the freshest ingredients from Mindanao are used in her products. Although based in Davao, she accepts orders in Manila for her locally-acclaimed balbacua, patés, and humba. The Crazy Cook’s Christmas offerings include tinapa tapenade and organic chicken liver paté with onion-cranberry jam.

[email protected], 0928.505.3605

Silver Platter’s Holiday Chicken Truffle Spread

As indulgent as a chicken spread can be, Nicole Ortega shares something special from her own holiday recipes. These bottled spreads make an easy take-home treat. The truffle may at times be overpowering, but the spread strikes a perfect balance between its star ingredients.

For orders, contact 0927.485.3399. For a limited time, the spreads will be available at the Katutubo Market, Manila House, Bonifacio Global City.

Florabel’s Christmas Boxes


Making their yearly comeback are Florabel’s famed delicacies, prepped and ready to take home or to give away. This year’s options consist of three size variations of wooden boxes featuring Filipino art, available at reasonable price points and with customizable contents that range from their atchara to their bottled tuyo fillets.

Florabel, Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Pasig, 667.3220

Taiwanese Majestic Ham

If the season’s hustle has left you short on time, Rica Lopez de Jesus has partnered with a friend to distribute this easy-to-prepare Majestic ham from Taiwan. After steaming the ham, simply pour on the sauce that comes with it. If not for your own holiday spread, these hams make a quick yet thoughtful gift for friends., 898.1370, 0915.709.3926, 0917.708.9706

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