5 Extraordinary Inspirations for Decorating Your Brunch Spread

Elevate your next brunch party with a sumptuous and thoroughly English spread.
5 Extraordinary Inspirations for Decorating Your Brunch Spread

Aside from it being the marriage of two meals, brunch gets its origins from England. The term was coined by Guy Beringer, who wrote an article entitled "Brunch: A Plea" in an 1895 issue of Hunter's Weekly. He writes, "Brunch is cheerful, sociable, and inciting [sic]. It is talk-compelling. It puts you in a good temper, it makes you satisfied with yourself and your fellow beings, [and] it sweeps away the worries and cobwebs of the week."

In his article, Beringer proposes a marriage of light breakfast fare (involving tea, marmalade, and biscuits) and heavier lunch food (like meat pies) as a way of nursing Sunday morning hangovers. And brunch was born.

It's therefore normal to look to the English, the inventors of brunch, for guidance in creating the perfect mid-morning spread: a balance of savory and sweet, of light morning treats to nibble on in between bites of viand.

And because the senses of taste and smell are linked, let your nose guide you in preparing the perfect brunch. Take some notes from the fragrances of Jo Malone London to elevate your spread. Try these brunch themes inspired by the limited-edition English Fields collection:

Partner acrylic tables and chairs to accentuate a romantic spread.

Inspired by the balance between the stark and subdued fragrance of Poppy & Barley, punctuate your spread with richly-hued food, such as smoked salmon on baguettes or teacakes served with fresh strawberries. With a delectable spread, use acrylic tables and chairs to keep the focus on the food. Use linens in a pale pink, and accentuate each cloth napkin with a black satin ribbon. 

For a rustic setting, swap the table runner with earthy husks sprinkled with dried flowers.

Let the delicate scent of Primrose & Rye remind you of fresh spring breezes and blooms. Decorate the table with dried yellow blooms and husks of hay for an English countryside feel. To up the rustic mood, tie a sprig of baby's breath onto each napkin with some straw, and finish off with a parchment name card.   

A more relaxed setting, brunches call for service on casual wares.

For a brunch that feels a little more indulgent, pair deliciously sinful flavors, like chocolate in stacks of fluffy pancakes, with hues of blue on the spread. Dark wood plates and brass cutlery are a must to perpetuate the warm feel, reminiscent of the hearty Oat & Cornflower scent. Get plus points if you serve your brunch fare in cast-iron pans and trays.  

Arrange a low centerpiece of complementing yellow and violet blooms for an elegant spread.

If a sweet spread is what you seek, then pepper the table with picturesque purple blooms, as inspired by the sweet fragrance of Honey & Crocus. The quintessential spring flower is the perfect accompaniment to a luscious honey bouquet. Sprinkle yellow and white rose petals onto the table, and place a few vibrantly-colored and low bouquet arrangements throughout the table. 

Elevate a boho tablescape with wooden flatware and potted succulents.

If a fresh and revitalizing morning is your way to start the day, decorate with vibrant and zingy hues to complement the citrus notes in the Green Wheat & Meadowsweet concoction. Use lemon slices and crushed mint leaves to decorate the drinks, and tiny succulents to secure a place card for each of your guests. As for plates, employ a sage hue to tie in the flavors, and finish off with wooden cutlery.   

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Jo Malone London.