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The Vero App Is Trending. Here's Everything You Need To Know About It

This fast-rising social media app-free from ads and algorithm-is being predicted to kill Instagram.

As of this writing, Vero currently ranks Number One in the “Social Media” category on the Apple app store, overtaking Facebook and Instagram overnight.

Here's what you need to know. Vero is an Instagram-Facebook hybrid without many of the annoying things people complain about. Here are the things that make Vero different:


More control over posts

Unlike other social media platforms that limit you to either a friend or a follower, Vero takes a different approach. The app was designed to group your “connections” into four sensible categories: follower, acquaintance, friend, and close friend. What that means is you have better control of the content you want to share. This, in theory, will allow you to be more "yourself" since you can choose who sees what post.

No ads

While the appearance of advertisements is a way for publishers and content creators to reach new audiences, it can still be sometimes frustrating to the end-user. Vero veered away from ad displays completely, so you won't see paid content that's interspersed with the posts of your friends. How can this be a sustainable business model especially for a newcomer like Vero? Well, its founders are planning on charging a yearly $5 subscription fee, and a transaction fee for users who plan to sell on the platform. You might also want to take advantage of Vero's offer of free subscription for its first million users.


Chronological feed

During Instagram's simpler days, users lauded its straightforward nature. The app was just a steady stream of beautiful photos arranged chronologically. Then the developers decided it was better to leave the feed in the hands of a computer algorithm. Of course, that didn't sit well with the fans of the app. In Vero, no computer software will decide for you on what or whose post would appear on your feed.


Vero has a tough battle ahead of it, especially if it plans on taking on Silicon Valley giants like Facebook and Instagram. Ayman Hariri's (the app's co-founder and CEO) history of controversies also doesn't help. As to whether its subscription-based model succeeds or not remains to be seen. But if its sudden popularity is any indication, it definitely has a lot of potential.

Download Vero here.

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