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Every New Emoji Coming to Your iPhone With the Latest iOS Update

Prepare yourselves for 70 newly-released Emojis.
  • Apple just released the iOS 12.1 update, which includes over 70 new emojis.
  • There are new emojis for hair options, animals, food, and sports.
  • And the "dry" bagel emoji that has been fixed.

In July, Apple announced that their next iOS update would include the arrival of over 70 new emojis, including more diverse people emojis with additional hair options, as well as more animals and food emojis. Fast forward to today, and they're here! As Time reports, the new iOS 12.1 update became available on Tuesday, and the new picks are great.

Apple previously stated that they wanted more options to represent their global users, and the new emojis include a moon cake and red gift envelope. For reaction emojis, new options include a party hat emoji, and an emoji with hearts all over it, for when you really need to express your ~feels~.

Other reaction emojis include a cold face emoji and a pleading face. For animal lovers, there is a now a kangaroo emoji, as well as a llama, raccoon and swan.

Travel lovers will appreciate the new hiking boots, compass, and suitcase, while sports lovers will go for the skateboard, frisbee, and lacrosse emoji.

Food wise, a salt shaker and cupcake are now available. There's also a bagel, but that new pick caused a little bit of controversy when the new emoji news was first announced.

According to Time, many people thought that the original bagel emoji released in the beta stages looked unappetizing, leading Apple to change the bagel emoji to include more texture and cream cheese for the final version.

And as emoji blog Emojipedia reports, this isn't the first time Apple has changed an emoji in the beta stages. The octopus emoji was changed to look more "realistic" in iOS 11.1 beta in 2017, but it was changed back to its original cute design in the final version of iOS 11.1.


Which new emojis are you most excited to use?

The people emojis—I love the options for redheads and curly hair.

The animal emojis! The kangaroo and llama are so cute.


From: Marie Claire US

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