6 Reasons Why a Luxury Sedan is Worth Your Investment

The state-of-the-art technology and consistent quality should be more than enough to convince you.
6 Reasons Why a Luxury Sedan is Worth Your Investment

Much of our lives are spent on-the-go, with countless hours spent driving or sitting in the backseat. Luxury saloons provide various features and benefits that make them the best options for the most comfortable ride. After all, comfort is the ultimate luxury.

1. You are assured of first-class design and materials.

Manufacturers uphold a certain quality standard, giving you the best of the best. It may be standard for upholstery to be done in durable and long-lasting leather, but innovative car companies are mixing comfort with technology in order to differentiate themselves, offering special features such as massage functions, climate control, and air fragrance. All these ensure a personal experience for every passenger.

2. They add a touch of luxury to your journey.

For many, owning a luxury car marks a personal milestone. It can elevate your daily routine, and why not when you’ve earned it. Luxury cars have little-to-no-noise levels. The benefits extend up to the driving experience where the car itself assists with accelerating, braking and keeps you at a safe distance.

An executive sedan is the hard-working CEO’s choice of transport: It gives him the best in comfort and luxury whether he wants to be a passenger or drive it himself. The best of them can cater to your every need, be it leisure or business related.

3. They come with enhanced safety options.

Our knowledge and protocols for car safety have grown exponentially in recent years. Vehicle manufacturers invest billions into research and development to make sure that you are in the best protection as possible. Aside from better builds, luxury manufacturers have also focused on features that aim to prevent accidents.

According to Consumer Reports, these features include electronic stability control, brake assist, pedestrian detection and much more. BMW is known for its advanced safety features. All BMW vehicles are provided with a strengthened occupant cell, made with multi-phase steel, increasing the level of protection.

4. Built-in features assist in the car’s maintenance.

Regular maintenance is, of course, required to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. Quality service is something that luxury manufacturers value. BMW, for instance, prides itself in its Value Maintenance Service program, servicing vehicles even after 15 years from the production of particular models.

5. Luxury saloons feature advanced steering and enable maximum speed.

The latest luxury models provide an enhanced steering experience that’s lighter than non-deluxe models. Through the use of EfficientLightweight technology, the all-new 5 Series, for instance, is up to 100 kilograms lighter at 1620 kilograms compared to its predecessor and other carmarkers that average at 4,000 kilograms. Everything was taken into consideration, from the doors to the suspension setup to keep you light and fast. Built-in high strength steel and aluminum panels give you maximum precision ending in laser-sharp steering. The luxury saloon can serve both as a city car and when you want to satisfy your need for speed you can go on long drives to the country. With its lightweight frame, you can go up from 0 to 100kph in less than six seconds.

6. They allow a heightened experience with the newest technological advancements.

Technology has taken the luxury car experience a long way. The 7th generation BMW 5 Series model comes with an optional display key that provides information on fuel levels and the option to turn on the air conditioning before you enter the car. The saloon’s sleek infotainment display is equipped with different color themes highlighting the drive modes: Sports, Comfort, or ECO Pro. BMW’s iDrive system, for instance, is programmed to be one of the most intuitive automotive interfaces in today’s market. The 10.25 LED touch display guides you with the Navigation Professional System.

The 7th generation BMW 5 Series contains all these features and more. Not to be undermined, the executive sedan is BMW’s answer to a much needed ultimate sports-business machine. Compared to its predecessor, the luxury sedan has improved features that include an even sleeker design, spacious interiors, and a built-in fragrance function. Intelligent assistance is provided through an automatic parking option plus gesture and voice controls on the dashboard. The supercar also boasts a touch screen display key that projects fuel levels and controls the air conditioning.

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with BMW.