The 5 Books Everybody Is Talking About This Month

A juicy new biography of Prince Charles, a hilarious look at start-up culture, and more.

1. The Impressive Debut

The addictive and witty Startup keenly captures a world that so few of us truly comprehend despite the fact that its creations have come to dominate our lives. No absurd detail of tech startup culture goes unnoticed. Some people are calling Startup a satire, but you get the feeling that there’s very little air between Doree Shafrir’s alternately hilarious and unsettling novel and reality.

2. The Guilty Pleasure

While we’re all busy waiting for the next season of The Crown to premiere, the latest from biographer Sally Bedell Smith (she of Elizabeth the Queen) should help pass the time. Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life is the first major biography of Prince Charles in more than two decades, and delves into the life of the heir to Britain’s throne through revealing interviews with palace officials, former girlfriends, and even spiritual gurus.

3. The Big-Deal Novel

The latest from Searching for Grace Kelly author (and former T&C editor) Michael Callahan, The Night She Won Miss America follows a reluctant beauty queen as she falls in love with her pageant escort and finds herself on the run from ho-hum Delaware to Manhattan, Newport, and beyond. Expect glamour, grit, and some truly unpredictable twists and turns.

4. The Coffee Table Stunner

Summer of Love: Art, Fashion, and Rock and Roll will be released this month to accompany the anticipated exhibition of the same name at San Francisco’s de Young Museum. Come for Haight-Ashbury inspiration in the form of vintage concert posters, 1960s fashion, throwback photos, essays and more.


5. The Classic

1984 is having a moment. The George Orwell book (originally published in 1949) has seen record sales in recent months and a stage version of the tale of government surveillance, which was recently a hit in London, will soon land on Broadway. It’s no wonder then that the book is getting a new release with an, ahem, eye-catching new cover.

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