The 10 Design Books You Must Read, According to Andrés Vazquez-Prada

The creative director of W/17 Home shares the monographs that inspire him.

François Halard (Rizzoli)
One of the most original eyes of our era and one of the most prolific and well-known interior and architectural photographers of our time, Halard has a unique photographic sensibility that is Old World elegant and bohemian, accessible and personal. He makes you not only see a room but feel it.

Axel Vervoordt: Wabi Inspirations (Rizzoli)
Wabi is a Japanese concept that derives from simplicity and authenticity. It values the beauty in imperfection. Elegance in natural materials, nobility without sophistication, timelessness with tradition: these are the principles that define Axel Vervoordt’s personal take on the concept. I love how he shows readers how to create calm, peaceful spaces in which beauty is distilled to its purest form.

De Vera Objects, by Federico de Vera
The author owns one of my absolute favorite shops in the world. Here he conveys his incredible way of artfully arranging various cabinets of curiosities, just like he does at his shops in New York City.


Dealer’s Choice: At Home With Purveyors of Antique and Vintage Furnishings (Architecture Interiors Press)
This book goes inside the dwellings of the world’s foremost antiquaries. I love the exquisite samples of rare furniture, curated collections of art and objets, its sense of taste, proportion, and color, and its incredible photography.

The Private World of Yves Saint Laurent & Pierre Bergé (Thames & Hudson)
This gives the reader an intimate glimpse into the eight opulent and eclectic homes of the featured personalities and reflects Saint Laurent and Bergé’s devotion to collecting, decorating, and creating their world, and shows their success and legacy.

Antiquaires: The Finest Antique Dealers in Paris (Assouline)
I love that this book traces the history of antique dealing in Paris. It lists the addresses of important Parisian dealers by district and specialty and showcases the best of the best when money is no object. It is a feast of information and visuals.


Anouska Hempel (Rizzoli)
The author is one of my favorite interior designers! This lush monograph shows the best of her spaces and interprets her complex style. Her use of historical details, rich textures, and saturated tones is well-represented, as are her sources of inspiration. From architecture to beautiful interior design to landscape, this book has it all.

Liaigre 12 Projects (Flammarion)
I love Christian Liaigre appreciation of delicacy and rareness. For him, it’s not about quantity but extremely refined quality, tranquil beauty, space, and light. His work is artisanal and one derives a sense of calm from his spaces. Close out the world and come back to your center feel of purity.

The works of Marcel Wolterinck
A master horticulturist, florist, and designer of interiors, exteriors, and gardens, he’s known for quality, class, warmth, and incredible versatility. His different way of looking at foliage. His aesthetic sensibilities, clean lines, generous spaces, and earthy organic art and interiors. I identify with his soothing earthy palette. With a number of impressive tomes to his name, it is difficult for me to pick just one.


Ann Getty: Interior Style (Rizzoli)
I really appreciate her amazing personal collection of 18 th-century art and antiques and how she made them work together. Even die-hard devotees of contemporary décor will find something to admire. It is a true treasure trove.

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