The Five Books Everyone Will Be Talking About This Month

Four standout new releases of the month-and one old favorite to revisit.

On the hunt for a new book to take your mind off the end of summer? We've got you covered. Here are four books everyone will be talking about this month—plus a classic novel that's well worth revisiting.

The Big Deal Novel

Something Great and Beautiful: A Novel of Love, Wall Street, and Focaccia, SHOP NOW

Set against the backdrop of the 2008 financial crisis, Something Great and Beautiful takes us from India to Portofino and the high-stakes world of Wall Street. After a chance encounter abroad, romantic dreamer Rosso follows lawyer Chloe to the United States. Against all odds, Rosso succeeds in launching a focaccia business, but legal troubles soon follow. This darkly funny, plot-twisting novel from Enrico Pellegrini is about ambition and arrogance, and will entertain you in those final days of summer.

The Must Read Memoir

Fashion Climbing: A Memoir with Photographs, $17.70, SHOP NOW

Bill Cunningham’s posthumous memoir Fashion Climbing, discovered after his death in 2016, traces his rise from shy child secretly trying on his sisters’ dresses to one of fashion’s most lauded photographers. While there some anecdotes about the fashion world, at its heart, the book is about a young man finding his way in the big city. Considering Cunningham’s private nature, the book is a surprise to those who knew him, and a treat for those who admired his images from afar.

The Coffee Table Book

The Endings: Photographic Stories of Love, Loss, Heartbreak, and Beginning Again, $19.46

The Endings shows female characters in the heat of emotional moments, experiencing the full range of their feelings. Photographer Caitlin Cronenberg and art director Jessica Ennis collected the stories, scripted characters, and staged the scenes to unfold like still shots from a movie. Actors like Julianne Moore, Kiera Knightly, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw are shown in reflective postures, tearful breakdowns, and other stages of grief at losing love.


The Collectors' Item

He might have ended up a world-famous photographer, but before he picked up a camera, Irving Penn wanted to be a painter. Irving Penn Paintings, released in conjunction with the first-ever comprehensive exhibition of Penn’s paintings and works on paper—opening in NYC at the Pace Gallery on September 13—shows off a rarely seen group of mixed-media painting created during the last 20 years of his life and an entirely different side of the artist you thought you already knew.

The Classic

Prep: A Novel, $13.60

Wrap yourself in a wool sweater, crack open your old annuals, and go back to school with Prep's Lee Fiora as she navigates the halls of Ault, a Massachusetts boarding school. The coming-of-age tale by Curtis Sittenfeld will bring back bittersweet memories of your own adolescence.

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