The You've Got Mail Apartments Are Still Incredible 20 Years Later

Can you hear the AOL dial-up noise?

Believe it or not, it was 20 years ago, in December 1998, that the Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan classic You've Got Mail was released. That's two whole decades since their characters met online, sparking an intense anonymous romantic connection very much unlike the one they had together in real-life.

As the late director Nora Ephron shared with Entertainment Weekly, it's a movie that asks the question, "Can Mr. Wrong turn out to be Mr. Right?" The film has become one of the best romantic comedies in history. While today's big-screen picture quality has obviously improved since the late '90s, I'm still swooning over Kathleen Kelly's (aka Meg Ryan's) Upper West Side brownstone apartment just the same—it has definitely held up over the years.

In real life, the apartment is located at 328 W. 89th Street, as seen above. According to PIX 11's interview with Jeff Jacobs, who has lived in that area of the Upper West Side for decades, there have been few changes to the building, so it remains pretty much the same since the movie was filmed. Aside from those select changes, Jacobs told PIX 11 that "The street is nearly identical to how it was 20 years ago." And no one's mad about it—at least not me, since it's truly stunning.

As far as the inside of the apartment goes, one can only hope the current residents have kept it as Meg did when she "lived" there—which surely they have, right? Come on! It's classic, so anything remotely close to the original would be ideal:


Similarly, Joe Fox's (aka Tom Hanks's) apartment located on 152 Riverside Drive in the film was a bachelor pad to envy—even from the outside. But, spoiler alert: it was really filmed at 210 Riverside Drive (pictured below) with a fake awning, PIX 11 reports.

Looking from the outside in, it seems as though the homes have definitely held up nicely over time. But even if the interiors remained exactly as they were in the film, I'm seriously envious of whoever lives there now. Likely, though, there have been various updates to the apartments, so I can only imagine how incredible they are today.

Would you live in one of these apartments today?

Absolutely, they look like they held up beautifully.

I don't think so. Too much upgrading for me.


From: House Beautiful US

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