What Celebrities and Royals Do in Their Vacation Homes

They know how to let loose and have fun.
What Celebrities and Royals Do in Their Vacation Homes

There’s no place like home, but if you’re a celebrity who’s always in the limelight or a mogul living a stressful lifestyle, even your home life can be constricting and nerve-wracking.

No wonder the world’s richest people invest in a second (or third) home—places they can escape to and enjoy some peace and quiet. These vacation homes present a respite from the pressures of daily life, and offer A-listers the opportunity to live a life of normalcy even for a short period of time.

Often situated in coastal towns, hilltop destinations, lakeside villages, or beachfront locales, these holiday homes are private and exclusive so that the rich and famous can let loose and have fun. Ever wonder what your favorite celebs do in the confines of their vacation homes? 

1. Play golf every day.

If you’re Michael Jordan, that is. The world’s greatest basketball player picked up the sport when he retired from life on the hardcourt. MJ went so far as to build a mammoth 17-bedroom mansion in The Bears Club, a golf course in Jupiter, Florida developed by golf legend Jack Nicklaus. This 2,600-square-meter retreat is surrounded by a forest and has the golf course as its backyard, allowing Jordan to fulfill his usual routine of putting on the green.

2. Go boating or sailing.

The Hamptons in Long Island, New York is a playground for the world’s wealthiest, including Paul McCartney, who has a summer residence in the seaside village of Amagansett, which is a short drive from the famed coastal resort town. The former Beatle owns a large estate and, once in a while, takes advantage of Long Island’s natural bounty by sailing a dinghy across one of the creeks by his house.

3. Enjoy water sports.

Former U.S. President Barack Obama may not have his own hideaway, but that doesn’t stop him from having the finest of vacations. He was spotted learning how to kitesurf in Necker Island, the luxurious Caribbean island of business magnate Richard Branson. He even engaged in a friendly competition with the mogul: Could he learn to kitesurf faster than Branson could learn to foilboard? (Obama won.)

4. Host parties.

What are all these bedrooms for if not for inviting friends to come over and crash? Celebrities often hold posh slumber parties for their fellow celebs in their vacation homes. Taylor Swift’s seaside mansion in southeastern Rhode Island has had the pop star’s squad and then some, including Ed Sheeran, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and her former flame Tom Hiddleston.

5. Nature-trip to no end.

Even royals need downtime. Britain’s Royal Family has theirs at Balmoral, the Scottish residence owned by Queen Elizabeth. The 50,000-acre country estate has parkland, woodland walks, and gardens set against the Highland scenery of Aberdeenshire. It’s also home to deer, grouse, badgers, otters, and the estate’s famed red squirrels. Here the Queen, Prince Philip, and their progeny enjoy fishing, horseback riding, picnicking and barbecuing—apparently, the Prince is a pro at grilling.

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