This Luxe New Property Is for People with the Most Discerning of Tastes

Creative, non-conventional, special.
This Luxe New Property Is for People with the Most Discerning of Tastes

Today’s millennials often get a bad rap for their work ethic and vision. “Entitled” often gets thrown in the discourse, but we like to think differently about the matter. Instead, we describe them as specific, creative people with discerning tastes.

“Discerning taste” can be an abstract term, but Megaworld, a real-estate company, captured it with its newest venture in the luxury condominium market. The Ellis, a unique, pre-selling project with first-of-its kind amenities and unit types, is the first of the developer’s projects that is created with a specific target market in mind.

Everything about The Ellis is designed to resonate with the modern creative–people who value time and are very particular about their preferences. These are individuals who don't necessarily want to fit the mold; they like to challenge the status quo but still hold their standards to a particular degree.

Megaworld made sure everything about the Ellis will be charmingly special. Its unconventional building shape, at par with the architectural styles popular abroad, speak of urbanism and modernism. Windows and balconies are designed to be asymmetrical, giving the property distinctive aesthetics.

The property, which will rise at L.P. Leviste St., Salcedo Village, is dubbed “What’s next for society’s ‘who’s next’.” With its distinctive amenities, it does own that phrase to a T. For one, The Ellis is a venture that marks many firsts for Megaworld. It is the real estate developer’s maiden project where the units are purposely connected by a foyer, meaning that owners can now live in their unit while having their business right next door. It doesn’t matter if it is a small firm, a studio, workshop, or a gallery. This space is designed for the bold visionaries.


To keep with the creative theme, the property boasts the CoLab shared spaces, a creative, non-conventional working space and open environment where residents can simply refresh their intellectual juices, plug in, and start working. The space, with its swanky interiors and colorful accents–pops of colors on the couches mixed with monochrome pieces–is furnished to let ideas flow and encourage innovation and collaboration.


Then there is the Pause & Play room, because what visionary doesn’t need time to sit back and relax? Here, residents can take a break from the daily hustle and bustle of city living by indulging themselves with some classic board games and FOOSBAL. Tasteful hammocks also accent the brick and wooden room, ready to cradle those who need a breather.

The Town Hall, a striking, versatile, and contemporary space, is also available for casual socials, intimate galas, and other friendly get-togethers. The room can even be turned into an art exhibition hall, a movie showing room, or as a mini concert place for indie acoustic sessions. 

Carefully designed and well-curated, The Ellis is made for those who are special in the most unique of definitions. For the visionaries out there, this might just be your perfect nesting place.

 *All images of The Ellis used in this article are artist's impressions only

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