The Best Privacy Features of the World’s Most Exclusive Apartments

Their tenants are very serious about privacy.
The Best Privacy Features of the World’s Most Exclusive Apartments

From having a space for chauffeur-driven limousines and private jets to rooftop swimming pools and pet spas, the finest and most expensive residential buildings impress, pamper, and cater to every desire of the most discerning. A non-negotiable? Having top-notch privacy and protection.

Below, the most elaborate (and most extreme) security measures provided by the some of the world’s most exclusive apartments.


Burj Khalifa Tower, Dubai

Standing at 2,700 feet high, the world’s tallest building to date holds a vast observation deck, hundreds of office suites, and nearly 900 residential suites. The security system, which includes security cameras, intercoms, and a two-way radio scheme, fortifies the skyscraper and helps the security personnel act fast when there’s a threat. The building is also built with a state-of-the-art airflow system, which automatically confines and stifles a fire once detected.


Mount Nicholson, Hong Kong

Mount Nicholson, located on the island’s Peak neighborhood, is easily the most expensive apartment in Asia. In 2017, Bloomberg reported that “an unidentified buyer paid HK$132,000 ($17,000) per square foot for a flat.” Developers proudly claim that the homes are secured with a three-layered security system comprising thermal and infrared detectors and a private staff trained in counter-surveillance.


Jardim, New York

Located in Manhattan’s West Chelsea, the Jardim features a private driveway unique to the neighborhood. Kent Security’s Alon Alexander worked on this project, installing below-ground barriers to make it “paparazzi-proof.” High-speed gates are mounted with cameras that can read and recognize license plates, making it convenient for residents to zip in and out without unwanted notice.


The Maple Building, London

With a multi-point locking system and spy holes, the building complex can certainly make you feel like you’re in a stylish James Bond movie. It’s so private that each apartment features smoke alarms, heat detectors, and security locks to its windows and balcony doors. Each unit also has a complex Comelit color video system, which is directly linked to a 24-hour concierge.


One Hyde Park, London

Also in London, One Hyde Park is perhaps the most mysterious luxury apartment of them all; it currently holds the title of the world’s most expensive residential building. Because apartment owners are the globe’s wealthiest, the apartment provides advanced-technology panic rooms and bulletproof glass. Although none of the tenants actually live there, any personal mail received is X-rayed before it’s delivered to the addressee’s flat.

Like the apartments mentioned above, the Albany Luxury Residences offers luxury, privacy, and security right in the middle of Metro Manila. Located in McKinley West, the apartment complex implements several layers of security procedures to guarantee the utmost privacy of its future residents, including custom RFID keycards that grant the residents access to the entire development. The card also allows them to pass thru the entrance gates, the lobby, and the private elevators heading to their respective units.

On top of its top notch security, the Albany also has ultra-high-end amenities and interiors furnished with elegant global brands, and it prides itself with its low density, private foyers, and secure access that all protect one’s space and ensure safety.

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