QC Living at Its Best: 5 Reasons to Consider Moving Your Family to the North

Foster your active lifestyle and make sure your children grow up in a safe community, like in Katipunan.
QC Living at Its Best: 5 Reasons to Consider Moving Your Family to the North

Gated villages and suburbs down south are becoming popular places to live in, especially because of the area's relaxing atmosphere and isolation from the central business district. But northern living still appeals to young, growing families.

Take for example, the Apsays, who are moving from Marikina to their new three-bedroom unit at The Arton in Katipunan, Quezon City. “It was an easy decision for us to move to Quezon City," reveals Alex Apsay, who works in sales for a multinational FMCG company, "as we are very familiar with the area, having lived in the north before.”

“Our wish for our children is very simple—that they would grow up to be kind, God-fearing and productive individuals who in their own way can help contribute to make society a better place for everyone,” says April Apsay.

Quezon City has a dynamic energy that becomes laid-back on weekends and holidays, and because of its central location, living in The Arton allows the Apsays and the rest of its residents to take advantage of QC living. Below, its advantages:

Accessibility to Everything You Need

The city is the hub of major establishments, giving its residents easy access to schools, offices, hospitals like St. Luke's, shopping malls, and even places of worship, such as Church of the Gesu and Christ the King Parish. A young family like the Apsays like to enjoy their weekends, and they usually attend Sunday service, eat out, and watch movies. They need not travel far to do all their weekend activities.

Proximity to the Country’s Premier Schools

Katipunan is home to some of the top educational institutions in the country, including the University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, and Miriam College. "Bringing the kids to school will be a lot faster," says Alex, whose children attend Junior High School and Grade School at Ateneo and Miriam College Lower School. "This would allow us more quality time with each other, less stress in the morning, and more time for sleep and other important things." And because kids need not rush out of school to get home early, they can spend the rest of the afternoon on campus, exploring their interests and honing their talents—both essential to character development.

Excellent Dining Options

The Gourmet Gypsy is a charming lunch spot with a well-stocked keto-friendly grocery. For special nights, Ninyo is praised for its degustation menu and cozy garden setting; and for a nightcap, 78-53-86 is an intimate speakeasy boasting 10,000 vinyls. The Arton is also near well-loved establishments like Xocolat and La Creperie, and more restaurants will be coming to the area soon once The Arton Strip opens.

The Arton Strip will stand as the newest dining and retail destination in the Katipunan area.

Commitment to Preserving Nature with Lush Spaces

Parks are the “lungs of a city,” and Diliman has two: the Quezon City Memorial Circle and the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center. The UP Academic Oval is closed to traffic on Sundays, so anyone can run and bike freely while being shaded by trees. Aiming to be a green development, The Arton consists of 80 percent open space dedicated to trees, making it ideal for families whose kids love to play outside.

Families like the Apsays can enjoy family time in The Arton's open spaces.

Condo Living

Alex and his wife April agree that with their guidance, their children can learn to be compassionate and hardworking people. Quality time together thus becomes more significant, since that's when good values can be imparted and lived out. Alex and April hope that living in The Arton by Rockwell can give their family more time for interaction and to grow together. "It will provide us with more time for family and will give us the opportunity to interact with like-minded families and individuals," says Alex.

Subdued yet striking, The Arton’s one-bedroom Model Unit uses a soothing palette of pink, white, and gray.

We want our children to grow up in a community where quality and safety are not compromised.

Alex Apsay

The Arton by Rockwell stands on Katipunan Avenue, the first high-end residential development in the area. Its amenities include a well-equipped gym, where professionals like Alex and April can get fit after work; a FIBA-sized basketball court, where kids and their dads can bond over a game or two; swimming pools, where families can enjoy lounging under the sun; and co-working spaces where kids can study. Living at The Arton has its benefits, especially for growing families like the Apsays, who look forward to moving into their three-bedroom unit.

Take a dip into clear, blue waters and enjoy family time by the pool.

Learn more about The Arton in Quezon City by visiting Rockwell's website and following its Facebook page.

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