Living Amid Greenery, Scenery, and Grand Open Spaces

The good news: You can surround yourself in greenery at this haven in Katipunan.
Living Amid Greenery, Scenery, and Grand Open Spaces

Being surrounded by trees has long been proven to provide people a sense of calm. The smell of freshly cut grass also relaxes the senses. Being immersed in greenery, in fact, does more than lift the mood. Many scientific studies have proven how living in communities surrounded by trees and plants has a direct effect on wellness.

According to researchers, open spaces with greenery are “an essential component of good health." Living near flora can help someone physically and psychologically by speeding up recovery from surgery, lowering blood glucose levels, and improving cognitive functioning.
Perhaps the best measure of an improved life is longevity. According to Harvard professionals, the qualities found in open spaces with greenery help alleviate illnesses and depression because of their generally healthier atmosphere. Less air pollution, wider spaces for physical activity, and a better environment for social engagement contribute to the well-being of individuals in a said setting. 

In fact, gardens are considered as a big contributing factor in the healing of medical patients. The American Society of Landscape Architects considers the design of outdoor space as an important factor in design. The root of this belief traces back to a study cited in the journal Science which states that gazing at a garden can help speed healing from infections, surgery, and other ailments. 

Relocating to the faraway countryside isn’t always the solution for reaping the same rewards. Investing in an urban property that offers open, breathing spaces, for instance, is a practical choice for those who want to live in the city.

This is what Rockwell offers with its first high-end, high-rise residential community, The Arton in Katipunan, Quezon City. The 1.9-hectare property will dedicate 80 percent of its open space to amenities. Spacious driveways and spots dedicated to greenery are mapped out in the area, too. Moreover, its spacious units also open to lush views of the Sierra Madre mountains and the Ortigas skyline.

The vastness of the property will give residents the luxury of enjoying cool air while relaxing on its expansive gardens. Long jogging paths also circle the buildings, allowing convenient runs or walks amid nature and greenery. Swimming pools and lush gardens are also part of the property.

Apart from having open spaces, The Arton by Rockwell is designed to elevate the lifestyle in Katipunan with its premium facilities such as a function room, a multi-purpose court, and co-working spaces that can help individuals maximize their own potentials.

The convenience and quality of living at The Arton in Katipunan, Quezon City makes it the perfect choice for those starting who are starting a family, getting a jump start on their career, and studying in schools witin the Katipunan vicinity. 

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with The Arton by Rockwell.